TLS #171: How to Get out of Fear and Back into Flow + Alignment With Gabby Bernstein

2016-10-06-tallToday’s Lively Show is with a special guest I’ve looked forward to having on the show since we started, Gabby Bernstein.

Gabby is a spiritual teacher, best-selling author, and youtuber with a new book out called The Universe Has Your Back – which is a perfect compliment to what we’ve been discussing here on the show this summer about finding flow and alignment.

In the episode, we’ll be talking about Gabby’s favorite tools and techniques to get back into love, flow, and alignment whenever fear takes over.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking for strategies to help quickly move out of fear and get back into flow, alignment, and love on a moment-to-moment basis.






  • Gabby tells us about how she began her career by running a PR business but that fast-paced life pushed her to the point of burn-out.
  • She talks about how she was deeply embedded in the NYC party scene and how that lifestyle, drugs and alcohol did not help her find the happiness she was seeking.
  • Gabby digs deeper about her struggles with drugs and alcohol and how that led her to a big crash in her life and how that low point helped her reevaluate what she was doing in her life and that she needed change.
  • She describes how a recent breakdown allowed her to remember a childhood trauma which helped produce some of the reasons and answers to her addictions.

  • Gabby talks about how taking action from a surrendered place is how we truly manifest our desires into form.

  • She describes how she focused her energy into what was thriving rather than what was lacking to place herself in a place spiritual surrender.

  • Gabby mentions how important it is to be the positive influence, the positive force, so that this energy will shine on you and the world around you.

  • Gabby describes the feeling  she experiences when she is channeling a spirit.

  • She shares her belief why there is a misconception that pain has purpose.




May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein

Abraham Hicks

A Course in Miracles






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  1. Leah LW

    Fun episode – especially the channeling!
    One thing that caught my ears as a former chaplain is to actually be really wary of saying what “you know to be true” to someone who has had a death or other loss in their life. That gives permission for people to say things like “I know your loved one is in a happier place,” “God must have had a reason to take them,” “You’ll grow through this and eventually be happy it happened….” which can be offensive and unhelpful (as Gabby footnoted at the very end of that discussion). Even things like “When I lost my mom I know it was…” or “Make sure you surround yourself with family…” totally gloss over how very individual a process grief is for different people.
    The best thing I’ve heard someone say about death? “I’m so, so sorry. That really sucks.” And then just listen or sit with your friend. The end.
    Oh and offer to make them cookies/clean their house/make them a hot drink/whatever feels good to them. 🙂
    Enjoying the interviews mixed back in with the solo shows!

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