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Yesterday Mr. Lively and I worked a bit more on the apartment. Not a lot because I totally needed a break, but we did finish the gallery wall in the back hall.

As you may recall, the hall to our bedroom first looked like this before we moved in.

Long, white, and kinda boring.

To spice it up and display the pieces of art we had left over from our past apartments which had yet to find a home in the new space, we made a gallery wall.

But this is not one of those super curated walls with matching frames or anything like that. This is simply the artwork we had on hand in the frames we put them in originally, once upon a time.

First, we anchored the space with the largest canvas – which also covers the switch breaker panel on the left.

Then, I traced the artwork on craft paper and loosely drew or marked frame colors on the papers before placing them on the wall.

With the largest piece in place first, it made the rest of the positioning much easier. Things kinda fell into place from the left to the right.

Once Mr. Lively approved the configuration, he got to work hanging the pieces. To make things simpler for him, I marked (on some of them) exactly where the nail needed to go.

Here’s how it all turned out.

We have a mix of canvases, wood, black frames, white shadow boxes, and an ornate gold mirror. The overall effect is cohesive despite the random assortment of pieces.

One tiny detail I dig is how the mirror reflects the brick wall.

Turns out you guys were right, I am digging the brick after all.

And our walk to the bedroom is way more interesting now.

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  1. AdeOla

    I love it Jess. I really really do! I should just move in…lol! Do share the finished product of the entire home when it is done.

  2. Sage

    Beautiful! We tape wrapping paper outlines to the wall before hanging pictures. It’s a great way to rearrange things without leaving the wall full of holes! I like that your gallery isn’t matchy-matchy.

  3. Eleanor

    I love it! Especially the mix of frames, shapes, colours and the mirror in there. Just what a long hallway needs.

  4. Amanda

    This looks AWESOME! I especially like that not all of the frames are the same. It makes it look so much more whimsical and even more put-together in a way.

  5. Love it! So beautiful and using paper to plan it out is genius! Pure genius! Why have I never thought to do that?! Thanks for sharing

  6. Jess

    ElJamesBlog we got the mirror from a consignment store in our area – Berry Hill. I’d link to them, but their site seems to be down. : (

  7. Victoria

    I love gallery walls! This looks awesome. I want to do this in my house! Can you share some insights on where you guys have found art?

  8. Jess

    Victoria, thank you so much for your question! I’ll be sure to address it in an upcoming post about art. : )

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