TLS #131: Self-Awareness & Knowing How Hard to “Hustle” (or Not) with Gary Vaynerchuk


I’ve been following today’s Lively Show guest, Gary Vaynerchuk, for the past seven years and it is a dream come true to get to interview him about his Values and his newest book, #AskGaryVee .

Gary is a four-time New York Times bestselling author, keynote speaker, angel investor, runs Vaynermedia, and is looking to own the New York Jets one day.

In today’s episode, we dive into a variety of topics including: how Gary’s intentionally designed his life according to his Values, why intense work “hustle” isn’t right for everyone, and how he cultivates his self-awareness and intuition.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is interested in hearing how Gary merges lofty ambitions with his Values, and how to double down on your own strengths, self-awareness, and intuition.









  • Gary tells us about his “clouds and dirt” thesis which the clouds are about living a true entrepreneur life while the dirt is the actual practice.
  • He tells us about his family-first mentality and how his values are import to keep the work-life balance even.
  • Gary talks about his hustle and drive in business and how his business motor pushes him to perform at maximum capability.
  • He’s explains how self-awareness is the single most important thing since it allows people to be happy with themselves.
  • Gary voices that entrepreneurs should be in business to be happier with themselves and their lives, not to be making more money.
  • He talks about how following his inner voice and intuition allows him to move ahead and go full speed with his career.
  • Gary mentions his feelings about the alternatives to unpredictability and how there are no guarantees in life.
  • He tells us that we shouldn’t blindly take advice from others, rather take the bits and pieces that are right for us instead.
  • Gary advises that if people were to put things into perspective more often, they would win.
  • He identifies the reason believes he is good in business and because of his strong work ethic and hustle he puts into life.



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    1. That’s wonderful to hear, Marie! I hope you enjoy Gary’s work if you check it out. : )

  1. Katie

    This is so real. I can’t tell you how tired I am of hearing how easy it is to start a business and how everyone is doing it. It’s flipping hard. Don’t quit your job and have patience. Thank you for putting this episode out into the world Gary and Jess. I listen to the show all the time.

  2. High octane episode. Personality-wise, Gary V seems to be about as polar opposite as you can get from me. I loved what he had to say, though, about being true to yourself. Not everyone needs to be a Gary V and I love that he is straight upfront with that. I don’t know about the 7pm to 2am, but modify that a bit and I’m right on board. Also, just watched your interview. Big Thumbs Up!

    1. It’s wonderful to hear you appreciated Gary’s message, Steve, especially the part about being true to yourself.

      It’s also great to hear you enjoyed the Fizzle interview. : )

      1. Thank you for being a voice behind that message. It’s one we miss too often in the culture at large.

  3. Liz

    I’ve listened to several TLS episodes since I’d been introduced to your show at Texas Style Council last year. This one really resonated with me, especially when Gary said that blindly taking advice from people is a bad idea, and to just take the bits and pieces that work for us. This and his truths about hustle were what I needed to hear: I recently quit my job in the corporate world to take a self-imposed sabbatical in Colombia through the end of 2016. I’d been having some problems with self-doubt and this interview was the re-set that I needed to remind myself why I’m doing this. Great episode!

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