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One misconception about knowing one’s purpose is that if you know what it is, you must never falter, wonder, wander, or feel downright lost.

That is so not true. In fact, it happened to me this month.

Though I have a innate sense of my purpose: helping people live lives with intention, love, and purpose, I don’t always know what I am supposed to do in my career.

(You see, career and purpose are separate.)

Sure, I make sure that I help people in my personal life and here on MML, but what comes after that? What about making a living for myself? What about the rest of my career life? Where should I direct Jess LC? What do I want to spend my time doing?

Over the past two years I’ve had a vision in my mind of my ideal workday and I’ve devoted my actions to making it happen. But lately that vision isn’t striking home as much. It doesn’t fit anymore. It doesn’t excite me.

I was purpose-filled, but feeling direction-less.

I frankly had no real vision for what I wanted my days to look like, and that caused me to stay in a holding pattern which allowed fear to creep in. You see, when the vision isn’t very clear, the fears and doubts of the ego have the opportunity to pounce. You cannot have faith in nothing. The something you want to create and believe in will help you soothe the fears and worries. When you have a vision that feels true, your spirit can help you handle the ego’s crappy thoughts and anxiety.

So yesterday, I decided to reconfigure my vision for my career.

How did I do it?

I sat down away from my desk and thought about what I really wanted to spend my time doing Monday through Friday from nine to six. I didn’t think automatically about money, I thought about the things I wanted to do.

By thinking about what my ideal day would look like later this year, and then writing it down on paper, I was able to flesh out a general vision for what my weeks, months, and projects would become. I started to get a feeling of peace, happiness, and joy from the ideal day I planned in my head.

And of course it goes without saying that that ideal vision may take months or years to achieve. Heck, I may never actually achieve the vision to perfection. But that doesn’t stop me from striving for it in an intentional and meaningful way.

After I wrote out the vision for my career, I then backed up and looked at how I can make it a reality. The steps that I would need to take to make that vision come true are now my new short and long-term tasks. The ways I could monetize the actions I take came into play as well.

And now I know where I want to grow.

… Until I find myself uninspired by this career intention and it is time for me to craft a new vision.

We are meant to evolve as people, and our purpose and career are no different.


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  1. I did this almost a year ago and have been feeling the need to “reimagine” my ideal day/week as well. Have you ever shared what a typical day is like for you? I’d love to hear. The way people manage their time is so interesting to me (maybe because I’m in need of a more structured schedule!).

  2. I sat and did the same thing a few weeks ago when I found that my day was just all over the place esp with how I let Social media intrude into my productivity. It has helped me a lot to figure out my days and each month.

    I am on a quest to actually sit this month of Feb to figure out what I want JostWrite to look like both in terms of money and aside from money. What do I want to accomplish? What is my overall vision and what part of the vision should i be working on now, this month, in 2012?

    Evolving is what we do and change is really the only constant thing in life. 🙂

  3. I agree with Maggie, I’d love to see what your typical day looks like, and what your ideal day would look like. I’m thinking alot about how I’ll structure my day once I go solo and I think the best way to learn is from other people who are successfully self-employed.

  4. Jill

    I should take some time to do this… although with young kids at home, each day is still so different. Hopefully next year when they are both in full time school I can work on this better – but I guess I could always do what a day with work AND kids looks like.

  5. Dayna

    This post couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. For months I’ve known that I was in the market for a career change. I just didn’t know what that change was. I kept trying to picture this big giant career and then back tracking the steps to get there (and ultimately getting intimidated by the huge scope of it all). But I had never thought about starting from something as micro as my dream weekday and working my way out from there.

    I’m excited to give it a try.

    Thanks, Jess!

  6. This post could not have come at a better time for me! Funny how blogs do that sometimes… I love the idea of ‘planning my day’ as a way to define my vision and goals. It’s just the thing I needed, so Thank You!

  7. I love this post! Having a daily (time management)schedule has been the best thing that has happened for my business. I have my schedule planned from 9am-7pm everyday. Everything is planned either 30 – 45 min time increments. By having my day planned for my business Life & Marriage Coaching has helped me be able grow my business daily. I’m also a full time student and writing my first book, so having my day planned helps me accomplish a lot throughout my day.

    When having a plan I have been able to feel good about what I have accomplished that day and can relax with my husband the rest of the time!

    PS. I use Google Calender and my calender pop’s up on all my Apple devices so I never miss anything I need to do. 🙂

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