getting it right is better than getting it done


{{Please note: this post is not talking about getting things done perfectly. There are many people who have a tendency to hold onto something too long and never press publish because they are worried it isn’t good enough… will never be good enough… etc. This is not a post on that subject. This is a post about how sacrificing quality for timelines is not optimal.}}


As someone who is always trying to launch a new project immediately, this week has taught me the wisdom of getting it right, rather than just simply getting it done.

Writing back each mentorship applicant unexpectedly took me three days longer than I planned, thereby delaying two other big project launches.

Because of this unplanned schedule change, I’m only 9 days in to a new year and I’m already behind. 

My first reaction was to just hustle my buns off and get the first project launched quickly yesterday. That way I could be on target for the second project next week and resync with my original schedule.

After talking it over with Mr. Lively, however, it became clear that rushing this first project for the sake of my schedule was unwise.

Prioritizing “getting it done” over “getting it right” would short-change my wellbeing and the projects themselves.

I would have resented the crazy pace and cut beneficial elements in order to launch within the crunched timeframe.

So though it was against my activator nature, I stopped, paused, and pushed the deadlines back.

Yes, my ego’s still a little bruised by the fact that I’m already pushing deadlines less than 10 days into the new year.

But I’m also more pumped about the fact that this extra time is going to allow me to do these project launches right.

Like Mr. Covey says, Fast can be slow. And slow can be fast.”

With this in mind, I want to encourage anyone else who might already be feeling a little behind, like me:

Though you might not be as far along as you had hoped, there are still 356 more days left in the year to get it right.


May something wonderful happen to you today,



Thinking about doing an Intention Session with me?

The word that keeps coming up when I think about my work with Jess is clarity.

I have a new level of clarity to what I hope to bring to my life by starting a new business. Most importantly, we clarified that my purpose or intention for my life is not necessarily to find the holy grail of “work I love” but to have work that is in proportion to the other areas of my life.

Making this realization with Jess’ help was what I needed to take the pressure off of myself.

Now I have options for how to achieve my intention. This flexibility in “doing” ultimately sets me up to move into the arena of just “being”. I’m grateful to have had this opportunity to work with Jess and will take the lessons she taught me on my new path.

Dacy Gillespie, Mindful Closet



Reader Spotlight
I run Black Bear Ink, a small consultancy that I’m hoping will turn business communications upside down and re-level the playing field for the little guy with big dreams. My aim is to empower small businesses and organizations to own their story and then tell it loud and clear–but to do it within their resources.

Christy Campbell, Black Bear Ink

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  1. Kory

    Jess, I think it’s so interesting that you shared this. It’s funny because most other bloggers are sharing the exact opposite. Have you noticed? However, you make some great points on why it’s important to get it done right rather than just done!

    1. Oh yes! I think there are definitely people out there who tend to delay forever one something to get it Perfect, but, I am talking about the optimal mix of done and done well… “right.”

      So I definitely agree that people shouldn’t wait forever on things that need to get done, but they shouldn’t rush it to the point where it will suffer quality, either.

  2. tinytwig

    I agree to an extent, but I think sometimes the desire to get it perfect is crippling. I think done is better than perfect and undone…but done right is preferable. Of course, there is the wisdom of launching quickly and iterating often…and I see you do that, because really a couple days slower still isn’t SLOOOOW…ya know? 🙂

    1. Exactly! I am far from a perfectionist when it comes to launches (I end up saving that lovely trait for my personal life), which is why I chose the word right and not perfect for this post.

      And you nailed it- I’m getting it right by waiting a week, not getting it perfect. Trying to launch this week wasn’t better than right or perfect. It was was simply rushed to the point where it would have suffered.

  3. Anna

    Jess!!! This is a beautiful thing. I’ve been telling myself that while simplifying this week because I feel like I can’t make good things the way my surroundings/working space were. I was just hoping that people would forgive me for the slight lateness because if I’m going to do something, I’d rather not half-ass it (excuse my French). Thanks for posting this and showing me I’m not the only one!

  4. Kim // Yellow Brick Home

    Well when you put it that way! Ha, feeling is mutual, but this is a great reminder.

  5. I totally agree! Every time I see that quote “Done is better than perfect” I silently cringe. I absolutely love a schedule, and I hate to be late, but I think that quality is so much more important.

  6. Lindsay Sarah

    So interesting, Jess. When it comes to the world of projects you usually have to choose between Time, Cost, or Scope. You can have 2, but rarely will you get all three all of the time. So think about what’s important for that particular project. Does it have a hard deadline that can’t be missed? Is there a specific budget or can you pay to get something done sooner? Or do you need to cut back on what’s involved? Often determining that will lead to the highest quality.

  7. emily_annadelores

    Thank you for this, Jess! You continue to somehow read my mind with WILW topics. xoxo

  8. Very timely… as I glance at my super long to do list at work. I’ve been thinking about this in reference to my blog design as well. I REALLY want a makeover, but I haven’t been able to decide on a designer…or even verbalize what I want my site to look like. I just know that I want to do something new. So, I am waiting it out for another month or so.

  9. Such a good point to keep in mind! I think we all have moments where we do both – delay for perfection or rush for completion – and it’s a delicate balance of both that keeps us producing quality work on time 🙂 Thankyou for keeping it real & sharing with us!!

    1. That is so well put, Brittany! Yes, there is that balance we must seek above the time or the perfection. : )

      Have a great weekend!

  10. erin

    Thank you so much for sharing this – and timely in the wake of resolutions and new year’s goal-setting chatter. We all need the reminder!

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