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Over the summer I got a fantastic injection of new pieces into my wardrobe. But as the weather dropped I found myself gravitating to the same favorite items again and again.

Rather than do any major shopping in order to feel inspired by my closet, I opted to track the tops I wear. After I wear a top, I flip the hanger the other direction when I put the it back in the closet. This way I’m able to see what I’ve worn recently and what I have yet to mix into an outfit.

So far, I’ve been pleased to see that by making this intention I’m wearing much more of my wardrobe. Sometimes by just adding a new accessory to an old shirt helps me get excited about an outfit I otherwise would not have worn.

I’m also keenly aware of those few pieces I hesitate to wear. If by the end of the challenge I’d rather not wear a top that has gone unworn, I will donate or pass it on to someone else.

It brings a whole new meaning to “shop your closet.”


PS – Tonight is Chicago’s Business in the City!


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  1. rita

    i love this! i did this a few years ago and it really helped! i’ve also done it with shoes – put them back in the closet backwards after i’ve worn them.

    this year i did a massive overhaul and got rid of bags and bags of stuff- i used the, would i wear this tomorrow? filter. getting dressed has been so much easier!

  2. Susan

    This is a great idea! I’m having a really hard time figuring out my wardrobe right now due to recent weight change; I’m in a bit of a rut, reaching for the same things everyday. I feel like this will be really useful in getting me to actually WEAR all the clothes in my closet so I can figure out what looks good on me now, what doesn’t, and where the gaps in my wardrobe are.

    Thanks, Jess! 🙂

  3. great idea, Jess! I jot down what I’m wearing in the corner of each day’s section in my calendar for the same reason. also helps me when i go to wear something nice for an event – i flip back to the last time i was with that group and see what i wore so i don’t repeat so soon!

  4. Jenn

    Love this idea. I’m just curious- do you rotate your wardrobe out seasonally, or do you tend to wear the same things year round?

  5. SEM

    Smart. I’m dying for a full apartment tour! These snippets have my interest piqued!


  6. Jess

    I’m glad you all like the idea or do something similar yourselves! It’s such a great way to mix things up… intentionally. : )

    Jenn, I do a mix. Some things are only summer and others will go year-round. It really depends on the item.

  7. AdeOla

    I like the idea of flipping the hanger the other direction when I put the item back in my closet. I recently started a “Shop my Closet” for work challenge on my blog and this will be a good way to REALLY shop my wardrobe.

  8. Ana

    I need to wear more of my wardrobe/purge it of items I don’t wear, too.

    It’s so easy to slip into the old jeans-and-a-(tee-)shirt combo even though I have some amazing statement pieces.

    A lot of it will go to charity, definitely.

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