TLS #54 Mini Edition: the gift of giving giveaway


Today’s giveaway for the 2014 Week of Giving is all about giving some of my favorite things… to you!

The more I dive into the work I do, the more I feel best when I’m making sure that I’m giving as I receive.

And since I have’ve gotten so much love and support from you this year, and now it’s time that I send it right back at ya.

Today I’m giving one listener a collection of my favorite things from 2014.

Listen to the show to find out more about my favorite things and how to win them!








When I thought about the items I’d like to give, I tried to think of things that touched on all three levels of success, being intentional, doing Value-driven habits, and having intentional things.

I came up with the following six items:


1. Thank You Postcards from Rifle

Let’s be honest, I love everything from Rifle. But these Thank You postcards in particular are my new favorites. Coral, flowers, and so easy to whip out and send. My new go-to whenever I need to thank someone by post.


2. The Five Minute Journal

This is my absolute new favorite gift to give (shhh: we’re gifting it to all of my in-laws!)! I’m obsessed with the simplicity and habit building practice that this journal provides.

In fact, one of the authors of this book, UJ Ramadas, is coming on The Lively Show this Thursday to share more about the creation of this amazing tool.


3. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

This one is no surprise to anyone who has been following my blog for a few years. This is my go-to text, my foundation, and favorite self growth book of all time.


4. A gold tray

If you’ve ever been to my house, or come to it in the future, you’ll notice one thing if you look closely.  I have an inordinate amount of trays. In fact, upon last count, I have three four different gold trays, in varying shapes (circle, rectangle, mini rectangle, and oval) all over our home in addition to the wood, acrylic, metal, and painted trays.

My friend Ashley has dubbed my motto: “Put a tray on it.”


5. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Winter Dream Tea

Ashley introduced me to this tea latte and I’m now hooked. I’ve stocked up with three tins of this tea to get me through the rest of the winter. Steam almond milk (or the milk of your choice) with this tea bag in and you’ve got a drinkable Christmas candle.


6. Intention Tattoos

And last but not least, intention tattoos! I couldn’t not include these puppies. I love wearing them to remind me of my Values, particularly if I’ve got a big day ahead.








How to Enter the Gift of Giving Giveaway


To win the Gift of Giving Giveaway, leave a voice message below by Sunday, December 21st sharing a time where you gave something to someone else that either had:

  • A more significant impact than what you thought the gift would have,
  • Or, impacted you in a way you hadn’t imagined.


The winner will be randomly selected, and I’ll announce the winner on next week’s show (December 23rd) along with playing a handful of these messages.


Week Of Giving


Monday – One-on-One Mentorship for a Year

Tuesday – The Gift of Giving Giveaway


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  1. Very cool! I definitely want to pick up the 5 minute journal this year. I always try to journal but tend to fall off. I like the guidance it seems to provide!

    1. Nice! I hope you have entered to win the collection of gifts so you can get the journal for free!

  2. Virginia

    Maybe this should be obvious to me, but how do you steam your almond milk? In the microwave? The tea sounds yummy.

    1. We use an espresso machine/steamer. I’m not sure how you can do it with steam otherwise… but maybe there is a way to do it I’m not aware of? Or maybe you could try just heating up almond milk w/o the steaming to warm the drink? I’d try a little experimentation and googling. : )

  3. Kristian Gist

    This is such a good collection of gifts – all things to brighten your life in the new year and all so connected and filled with intention. I was listening to the podcast and getting last minute gift ideas for people in my office, my best friends, and even my home. “When in doubt, put a tray on it” should be an interior design mantra!

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