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Writing on this blog is one of my favorite parts of my life. I deeply feel called to serve others and this medium feels made for me in so many ways.

Since I started the blog January 19th, 2009, just over four years ago, I’ve devoted as much time as possible during my workday to create compelling content that can help people.

Thankfully, I’ve been fortunate to have a wonderful community who has stuck by me through all the ups and downs of the past four years.

My career and vocation, in many respects, is due to this wonderful support as well.

However, I’ll be honest: lately I’ve been on a bit of an internal roller coaster.

Though there are many awesome projects in the works which I cannot wait to share with you in the coming months, I have sensed an outward focus which is not sitting well lately.

Never before in my career have I felt frustrated by a nagging sense of competition. Though I intuitively know there is enough room for everyone and that things will continue to evolve and change in the industry, this egoic outward focus is clouding my joy.

Further, now that I am focused on service as my success metric, the blog and online world is even more relevant. It not only draws clients my way, but it also allows me to serve simply by writing valuable, helpful content on the blog and WIKW.

In my eagerness to serve and help others through my efforts online, I think I’ve started to inadvertently place my personal value there as well.

Which needs to change.

Because, unbelievably, though I have been serving more people than ever over the past few weeks, I have felt this lingering sense of… lack during the same period.

Though I have great intentions to serve and help others, I need to be completely content in my personal value independent of my level of service – especially online.

My sense of self-worth should not rest on how much I serve others online nor should it rest on my perception of the market.

To help myself rediscover my equilibrium in this area, I am going to take the rest of the week off from blogging and social media, excluding the WIKW topic tomorrow and a new guest series on Friday.

After this post, I’ll respond to current comments and Tweets that I have yet to answer. Then, I will take the rest of the week to devote to the projects I mentioned earlier in the post. I’ll still be consulting and serving my clients as usual, but when it comes to the blog and social media, I’d like to take a bit of a break to go within myself and recalibrate.

I hope is that by taking the time to pause and heal this part of my life paradigm, I’ll emerge more balanced and serve you even better from a place of fullness.

The online world is a wonderful place, but it is best to navigate it with self-care in mind.


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  1. “The online world is a wonderful place, but it is best to navigate it with self-care in mind.” Bingo! Your plan sounds wise. Recognizing that you need to let yourself take a little pause is healthy; I think oftentimes we don’t recognize those cues until it’s gotten really bad. Best of luck with the other projects, I know you will excel!

  2. Alyssa

    Amen Jess. I took a “sabbatical week” from blogging on theimpactinnovators.com last week for very similar reasons and am so happy I did. Enjoy this break and the renewed sense of the value of your work that I’m sure it will bring.

    1. Jess Lively

      Thanks! Yep, it was a really great thing to step away and focus on the rest of the business. : )

  3. Do what you need to do giiirl! The online community sometimes creates a little too much pressure to compete, when most of us started online for the pure joy of sharing and making other’s lives just a little bit easier, and more enjoyable. Good luck!

  4. Alicia

    I firmly believe in needing distance from “the technology” sometimes. I tend to get my best ideas when I am on vacation, away from the computer and the desk and the work-area. The online community is amazing as well as exhausting, it’s hard to focus 100% on yourself without constantly checking out what everybody els eis doing. Also, just because other people are doing these things does not mean you need to. It’s easy to get lost.

    I’m happy to hear your taking the rest of the week off and I hope it’s amazing, full of fresh air, new thoughts and creative juices!!

  5. Sara

    This is so powerful! I experienced my first social-media-free weekend about two weeks ago and it was wonderful! Enjoy!!!

    1. Jess Lively

      Amazing! I kinda want to try limiting it pretty intensely on future weekends too.

      Did you go back to your regular social media time on the weekends after? Or did you keep it limited going forward as well?

  6. Great reflection, Jess! It’s amazing how a sense of lack can pop up in us even in periods of great abundance. I think a period away from social media and blogging will definitely be helpful. You know what they say “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

    I love the last line here: “The online world is a wonderful place, but it is best to navigate it with self-care in mind.” Amen! I’m definitely still trying to figure out the best way to do this myself but this is a good way to start thinking about it.

    1. Jess Lively

      Thanks, hun! I feel sooo much better now.

      And you are right about the abundance and breaks. It really made a difference. : )

      Have a great day!

    1. Jess Lively

      Thanks, hun! It was a great (and much needed) break!

  7. Enjoy your time away from the world of the Internet.

    I am actually planning a post about the negativity we experience when we place our value or sense of identity in someone or something else. Ironically, I have also decided to wait on a lot of my blogging pursuits until I can really figure out who I want to be online.

    Take a deep breath and figure out how your challenges can bring out the best in you! Wishing you luck.

    1. Jess Lively

      So wise! Love that you are thinking about all of that right up front.

      I think I have done a pretty good job with that most of the time, but can get caught in lack of perspective when I don’t take enough time to be away. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned from this later this week.

  8. Jess Lively

    Thank you! And yes, the break has been a huge help!!! I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I took it.

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