TLS #245: How One Woman Dramatically Changed Her Life With Law of Attraction with Gos Potkay

Today on the show, I’m sharing the story of a woman and new close friend I met on the Abraham Hicks cruise, Gos Potkay!

Gos Potkay was completely new to Abraham Hicks prior to coming on the cruise with her mother. And for many years before the cruise, Gos was seriously out of alignment – and as a result, she had career, love, and health issues that matched her depressed and unhappy state.

Then, as a result of shifting her energy and alignment towards what was wanted while on the cruise, she dramatically elevated her career, love life, and health – in just a matter of days.

This episode is perfect for anyone doubtful of Law of Attraction and Abraham Hicks, or for anyone looking to hear a powerful story of transformation from applying the Law of Attraction principles.







  • Gos tells us about her journey over the years after college and how she thought she found the life she wanted at the time.

  • She talks about how traveling opened her eyes to the world which later took a toll on her health, both physically and mentally.

  • Gos describes how it was her own mother who felt that she needed to be on the Abraham Hicks cruise to gain some insight.

  • She recalls what she thought about the cruise at the beginning and how it eventually led to meeting Jess on the cruise as well as other positive outcomes.

  • Gos tells us how great it felt to be in alignment and began to see joy in her life again.

  • She discusses her negative experience in being in low vibration and how being in a higher vibration and in alignment, many positive things have occurred in her life in less than two weeks after the cruise.




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  1. Leah

    Hey Jess and Gos! Jess, I love your podcast SO much! You’re amazing. This episode particularly resonated with me because Gos resonated with me! I live in Manhattan, I escaped the rat race of being a lawyer, and I am so grateful for the personal development journey I’m on now, though most of my friends here in NYC don’t exactly relate. If there’s any way to get in touch with Gos or she’d be willing to let me email her, I’d love to get coffee. Thank you both no matter what! <3 – Leah from

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