TLS #221: Using flow to go from all ego to total love with Gregorio Avanzini

Today’s Lively Show is with the person who most resonates at the frequency of love that I have ever met in person, Gregorio Avanzini, of The Pristine Movement.

I first met Gregorio at the Eckhart Tolle retreat in Costa Rica last year, and we reconnected a few weeks ago in Ibiza at Afest. In both instances, I could literally feel genuine love, peace, and connection emanating from Gregorio. And I knew I wanted to know more about this person, and how he cultivated the energy that he radiates so naturally.

His journey, I discovered, began with many years living as an angry, drunken, high, violent, racist person. And over a series of years and profound experiences, he has peeled back each layer of fear to reveal the true joy and happiness he currently possesses on a daily basis.

In addition, I also discovered that he’s been flowing around the world for the past several years with $2000 in debt. (Which includes spending time on Necker Island with Richard Branson!)

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear a fascinating story of one man’s unexpected transformation flowing from all ego to total heart.






  • Gregorio tells us the story of this childhood, growing up with two father figures in his life, and how the death of one of them put his life into a spiral of darkness.

  • He talks about how he used drugs and alcohol as a teenager as a coping mechanism for his internal anger.

  • Gregorio describes a turning point in his life where he saved another person’s life, which provided him faith and direction in his struggle in his life.

  • He expresses to us that he no longer fears death, since it’s only a transition from the physical back to the original energy source we are made of.

  • Gregorio discuss his transition to his “new” life after years of self-destructive behavior and massive ego.

  • He tells us about his year of loneliness and how that pushed him to self-improvement in his studies which provided him the resources to go to college.

  • Gregorio talks about how taking time off to study abroad after his undergrad studies allowed him to truly reinvent himself.

  • He describes how going to Burning Man became a moment that opened his eyes to being able to change the world.

  • Gregorio mentions the experiences he had with psychedelics and how they seemed to open his world to clarity and different senses of being.

  • He tells us how he flowed around Costa Rica and Columbia with minus $2000 in his bank account for a quest for adventure and vision.

  • Gregorio talks about meeting and spending time with Richard Branson on Necker Island and how he shared ideas with him.

  • He discusses his concept of what the ego is and the practicality of it in everyday life.

  • Gregorio teaches us to look for the positive in everything, including negative moments – there is always a reason for everything.




The Alchemist

The Celestine Prophecy






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  1. Destini Lloyd

    Beautiful interview. Sat in stillness listening this morning and could relate to so much. Thankful for a universe that allows people with such different backgrounds to connect in ways far stronger than the tangible. Loved this completely. Blessings ?

  2. Laura MacDonald

    Let me just say to Jess and Gregorio, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was so moved by the many twists and turns Gregorio’s life has taken and how the Universe has brought him to where he is today. The life lessons he imparted in the last 10-12 minutes of the interview touched me in such a deep way. To not allow our external circumstances to affect our joy and our’s a reminder I needed to hear today and one I need to remember everyday. I wish you both-joy, peace and blessings.

  3. Sara Pacheco

    This has been such an inspiring story. I listened captivated by every word. One of my favorite episodes. Thank you Jess for having him on your show and to Gregorio for sharing his story and wisdom.

  4. This was such an amazing, open, and heart-felt episode. I don;t think I’ve ever come to comment about an episode before, but this was just so good! Gregorio is such a character… but in the best sense of the word! His story was so fun/heart-breaking/inspiring to hear. Thanks for always being awesome Jess!

  5. Kerry Sherbinow

    one of my fave shows. Gegorio is an inspiration and i feel like getting a tattoo that says Feel – Think – Act.

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