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Due to the popular request for more fashion posts in the blog feedback, I have created my version of a style post.

No, don’t worry, I’m not becoming a street blogger any time soon. But today I thought I’d share two trends that I’m loving lately that involve items that you may already have in your closet.


Trend  No. 1: Half Tucks



The first trend is subtle. I simply tuck the front of my shirt into the pants and leave the sides and back hanging out. This is obviously a casual look that might not jam with corporate environments, but is great for nights and weekends.


I find that just by half-tucking the top, I look a bit more pulled together – especially when I add a skinny belt. I’ve used the trick with tees, tanks, button-downs, and blouses. It’s a quick easy update that sometimes adds a bit more interest than a completely tucked or untucked top.


Trend No. 2: Arm Parties



The second trend I have gotten into this summer is the “arm party.” Basically, you layer multiple bracelets on one wrist.

It took me a while to get the right mix of bracelets, but I now feel like I have a good balance.

My current rotation includes a rhinestone piece from my Grandma, a few vintage Jess LC gold link bracelets, a triple wrap woven style, an oversized gemstone piece by C.Wonder, and a cute handmade piece I bought from Biz in the City member, See Song Designs. Skinny watches or big chunky styles are great to include as well.

Depending on how “big” I want to go, I will vary the number of bracelets. I love to pairing neons with pastels. Sometimes the arm party matches my outfit and other times I’ll add a bit of color contrast instead.


And the best part? When either of these trends goes out of style or I don’t feel like wearing them anymore, I don’t have to exfoliate a thing! They are items that can totally be used individually or tucked/untucked as they were before.


The super comfy black tank and white slouchy tee are c/o Pickwick and Weller – and they are giving 25% off to JessLively readers! Click here to gain the discount on their (really well made) tees. 

The blue striped t-shirt was a surprise gift from Remnant International

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    1. I know, right? I always was a girl that never tucked in her shirts since I thought it didn’t look good on me, but now I’m a total half-tucker. : )

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