TLS #174: The words I’m using (and not using) which are making me happier everyday


Today’s show is all about the building blocks of a happier thought life, and ultimately happier emotions and circumstances: words.

Because when it comes to mindfulness, it’s not just about meditation and the observation of our thoughts, it’s also about our conscious choice and selection of the words we use to build thoughts, which create emotions, and ultimately attract circumstances – positively and negatively into our awareness.

I’ll be dishing about the obvious and the very subtle and powerful word choices that have created more high energetic states in my life which may benefit you as well.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to access higher emotional states on a more consistent basis.






  • How the power of words and mindfulness can produce a shift in our emotions without the circumstances dictating the emotions.
  • Why I try to stay away from negative idioms and how this can keep me in the present moment.
  • What the energy and meaning behind swear words are when you choose to use them.
  • What the word “should” means and how it creates an emotional state which often creates negative circumstances as well.
  • Why I prefer to use the words “my ego” or “your ego” to produce different emotions.
  • How I have become aware of the use of the word “but” and how to avoid using it and what that word resonates on an energetic, vibrational or emotional level. 
  • Why I’ve been using the word “Appreciation” rather than the word “gratitude” in my everyday life.
  • In terms of career, why I avoid “I am my career” since doing is not being.
  • Why I’m mindful of the language I use about past relationships, since many words and phrases generally relate to negative rather than the love and care that was part of that relationship.
  • Why I love Approval Affirmations and how it helps me in my everyday life.



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  1. This episode is amazing. Thank you! I think your ideas around words and the energy they create is wonderful. While I was listening to the section on swear words and the word, “should”, it made me think of the evolution of “I kid you not” to “I shit you not”, to “I should you not”. Ha!

  2. Like @disqus_muWWQynhXb:disqus , I also love that you talked about the intention and energy behind our word choices. ‘Can’ is one of my negative trigger words. I’ve heard a lot of ‘we can do that’, many of which haven’t come to fruition. It’s created a negative reaction when used in that way for me, so I’ve been trying to focus much more on ‘will’ if I truly intend to do a certain thing. It’s so powerful to take a step back and realize why that energy is there. Thanks Jess!

  3. Cäci Str

    Hi Jess, I love, love, LOVE your Podcasts. They give me so much. Is there any chance that there will be any possible meet ups with you in Europe anytime soon?

  4. Lisa Johnson

    Really enjoyed this episode Jess! It all resonated with me, but especially when you spoke about “being excited” for a future event, versus saying that “I can’t wait” for a future event and not living in the present. I have been thinking about this a lot during this crazy election season. On one hand, I want it to be done and over with. But I don’t want to wish away Fall, which is such a beautiful season. So I am enjoying the present, but very excited for when the election will be over! : )

  5. Jenna Yoder

    LOVED this episode. It’s amazing how such small words have a big impact in how we use them. I particularly connected with eliminating the word “but”. I find myself using it a lot and I didn’t realized the negative impact it was having. Thanks for sharing your insights with us!

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