TLS #239: How Flow With Intention Online Resulted in Landing a Dream Job, Losing 20 pounds, & Thriving on All Levels with Heather and Tim Conkin

Today on TLS we have a special double interview with wife and husband, Heather and Tim Conkin!

In honor of Flow With Intention Online launching very soon, Heather, a podcaster behind The Practical Minimalists, and Tim are both FWIO alumni who are sharing their incredible results from taking the course this February.

Heather initially focused on transforming her relationship with her career, and as a side result of applying this work easefully dropped 20 pounds as well! Tim, meanwhile, not only shifted how he related to his boss and career dramatically, he also effortlessly flowed into his ideal job position and has transformed his connection to pleasure on a daily basis.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear about the powerful results of the concepts taught in Flow With Intention Online, or anyone looking to hear advice on how to approach personal development with a partner.

PS – Flow With Intention Online registration is now open until Friday, September 15th and class runs October 3-26.







  • Heather tells us the reasons she participated in Flow With Intention Online and what some of her results were.

  • She proves examples of what she learned, including the power of pivot and flow in her career and in her personal life by releasing certain resistances.

  • Heather explains how she applied the concepts of Flow With Intention in her efforts to live healthier and how she ultimately lost weight in the process.

  • She talks about the benefits of Flow With Intention which includes the coaching calls and conversations with others in the community.

  • Tim discusses the personal reasons he took Flow With Intention and why he took the class alongside his wife.

  • He talks about balance and how that relates to the masculine and feminine approaches and perspective that the course offers.

  • Tim describes the results and benefits of the class in both his home life but especially his career.

  • He tells us the many reasons why he believes men can and should take the class too.




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