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Good morning! I hope you had a great weekend. I thought about doing work the last few days, but decided it was in my best interest to give myself a break. So here I am rested and ready for some exciting projects happening this week. I’ll fill you in on them as they come up. And I’ll give you a hint: one project involves the first ever Jess LC giveaway on MakeunderMyLife.

Intentional Messages

I’d like to take a moment and ask for your input and help on making my summer collection of Jess LC jewelry. In the past, I have always wished I could make my message a bit more connected to the designs I create. And I’m delighted to say that this is now becoming a reality. I have a new collection debuting later this year that involves intentional messages on jewelry. And after hearing all of the intentions many of you made in your 2010 future letters, I’m sure there might be some intentions you’d like to be reminded of throughout the year.

To create the best selection of phrases for this new collection which actually have meaning for you, I’d like to create an ongoing conversation here on the blog. We can start by brainstorming message ideas and then come back in a week or two and vote on which phrases strike a chord with the most people.

To help get the ideas flowing, here are a few messages I’ve thought of already:

  • Compassion
  • Be present
  • Live with gratitude
  • Integrity

If you like any of these messages and would consider wearing one of them on a piece of jewelry as a reminder, please comment and let me know. Or, if you have your own message (three words or less), please share that as well. I would like to eventually narrow down the phrases to just six.

Thank you for your thoughts, I really appreciate your involvement with this project!

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  1. Hey Jess.
    I’m Maddelaine from Italy. I was reading your post and it got me thinking. There is one message I take with me everywhere. I have a small and hidden Ivy tatoo. It’s a symbol of persistance. It’s meant to remind me not to give up and to keep going towards my goals. I’d wear a “Persistance” bracelet for luck and courage. Hope that was useful.

  2. Jill

    hmmmm… I am going to be thinking about this one, it is SUCH a great idea!

  3. Katie

    Life is Beautiful…a reminder that at all times (good or bad) life is and will be okay

  4. KathrynwithaY

    I like “Be Present.” Its a nice reminder to stay in the present and focus on what’s happening now. 🙂

    How about “Go With All Your Heart” or “Be Brave”?

  5. Becky

    Patience! I could’ve used the reminder this weekend when my husband was away – leaving me alone (8 months pregnant) with our 2 year old!

  6. Bridget

    Writing on jewelry (beyond a nice inscription on a wedding ring or a locket) — well…it just doesn’t do it for me. Instead, I buy things that represent something.

    For example, I hate the brass rat ( – they’re huge, bulky, and I would never wear one. So – in order to commemorate passing my qualifying exams, I ended up buying an owl necklace (Athena is the closest “Greek God” mascot we have here, and her sign is the owl). It’s a lot more meaningful to me, and I tend to wear it whenever I’m having a rough time — to remind me that I can do it!

    One of the ways you might be able to incorporate this is through the flower language ( I know your designs tend to be on the simpler side, but if you gave a given necklace a particular name (the Calendula, meaning joy) — that could be a subtle reminder to the wearer about why they chose that necklace.

    (remember—this is just me. I’m not meaning to criticise, but instead put it out there that there are other ways to inject meaningful reminders into your daily life)

  7. Beth

    I was making a collage of words to represent 2010 for me, and while there are many that inspire me, one that I particularily love is
    simply the word “grace”.

  8. Jill

    Here are a few I can think of…

    “Be the change…” I love the phrase, “be the change you want for the world” – I love that it directly speaks to action (not just thoughts or ideas)

    “Go for it…” this is so simple and almost cheesy, but it’s so true – don’t we need a little angel standing on our should to just give us a little push now and then?

    “fly”… would be another one, this one more personal – I don’t know if others would like it as much, but just the reminder to take the leap of faith and grow wings while doing it.

    Can’t wait to see the final product!

  9. Jen

    Be Present definitely strikes a chord with me. Like another comment-er I don’t often where anything with words on it but if it was subtle & I knew that it was there I would really like that message as a reminder. I’ll try to be creative & think of some other phrases to add to conversation…but i can’t make any promises

  10. Jen

    Be Present definitely strikes a chord with me. Like another comment-er I don’t often wear anything with words on it but if it was subtle & I knew that it was there I would really like that message as a reminder. I’ll try to be creative & think of some other phrases to add to conversation…but i can’t make any promises, in the pool of creativity I’m trapped on the shallow end.

  11. Colleen

    Maybe something as simple as With Intention. That way it could mean something different from day to day and/or serve as support to all of our intentions.

  12. Dayka

    I like the ones you thought of. I also love “believe” and/or “possibility” (as in believe in the possibility). “Just believe” is cool too. Hope it helps!

  13. I have a necklace that says “inspire.” I bought it when I started teaching. It gives me good energy.

    Since you are a make-under site, “simplify” might be nice too.

  14. I like Be Present.
    Other ideas: Ground and Center, Focus, Simply with Intention, Just Be, I Am, With Gratitude

  15. I love this idea and I love the past peoples comment about “life is beautiful” and “be present” I would wear something like that. Keep up the amazing work, you’re so inspiring!

  16. I really like

    “Compassion” !

    I also like the idea of “Let go” ; it can have so many meanings for different people, but it’s something most of us have to do from time to time!

  17. Freck

    This is a great idea! How about inspiration? or let it be? Can’t wait to see what you pick! Love your jewelry 🙂

  18. Vanessa

    Faithful- an important quality for a variety of reasons (relationships, friendships, virtuous living)

    Joy- evokes a stronger emotion than “happy”

  19. Annie

    Love this idea and would definitely wear something like what you’re talking about. My intention for the new year is to live intentionally and simply, so how about: Live simple.

  20. NEPD

    This is the moment; Live in it.
    This is the moment; Live

  21. “Be Strong” or “Strength” because there are always moments in life when we have to remember to stand strong. This year I’ve decided to strengthen my values, body, and soul.

  22. Dorit

    Jess! This is a fantastic idea. It really gets the gears turning.
    Here are a few I thought of:

    Something a dear friend has taught me to live by–
    *Look within*
    — it teaches you to look at the beauty inside and to be introspective.


    I can’t wait to see where this takes you.

  23. What a great idea and it really has my wheels spinning. Balance comes to my mind because it’s something I constantly strive for. In our fast-paced world, it’s important to find balance among all the things that are important to us – family, career, activities, faith, etc. Good luck with your quest to find the perfect 6.

  24. Molly

    i would like to wear: “keep calm & carry on” “be the change” “risk it all” any of those would be great!..i think

  25. Vika

    I love this idea!
    here are some of my ideas: passion, truth,
    жизнь (this means LIFE in Russian. I love the way it looks in Russian. This is also my best friend’s tattoo idea. )

  26. Brianne

    “Love Always”
    Because it is something I always hope to have, give and receive. Something that there is never enough of.

  27. Susan Schuengel

    Congratulations on your first birthday! Loved your thoughts on single-tasking. My intentional message is “just say yes!” (I need to stop cocooning and get myself out there. Thinking of someone besides myself might be a good tonic for these trying times.)

  28. Anna

    Loved your post about uni-tasking. I am striving for doing one task at a time. Messages that I would wear on a piece of jewelry are: Hope, Follow your heart, or Follow your bliss

  29. Katie

    Hi, I’ve put these on the other post but I wanted to submit them here too!
    ‘achieve balance’
    ‘don’t worry, be happy’
    ‘live and learn’
    ‘just me & you’ and
    ‘be true’

  30. Vicki

    I would truly wear and live this phrase with intention, as I am already doing so:

    “Make a Difference”.

    I lost my step-father, and my father most recently last September, to a highly-aggressive form of brain cancer. I am now volunteering with The Chris Elliott Fund for Glioblastoma Brain Cancer Research (soon to be As well, I’m donating 20% of all of my Ebay sales to this organization. I am determined to make a difference even in my own small way… I’m learning that we all can “Make a Difference.”

  31. tam

    Hi Jess,

    Congrats on your blog anniversary! It really is one of my favorites!

    As much as I like “Love” “Faith” “Hope”
    I think that those words on pendents are very inspiring but kind of overdone. I can’t think of many words/ phrases right now but I do have an idea. Would you kindly consider hearing me out, if you can would you please message me via email?
    (p.s. I fight for peace, not the peace. =p )

    I like:
    breathe, free, this moment, this, chance.

    Again I have a few ideas ideas that I’d think you’d really like, maybe we could work together? =]

    Thanks so much for your time!

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