honey pie designs: sponsor post + giveaway

Today’s sponsor post features Lana of Honey Pie Designs. I actually came about Lana’s NYC Etsy site via while blog hopping several months ago. I love her fresh, modern, and graphic style. After ordering my own yellow love pillow (photographed in my living room, below), we got to talking and she decided to sponsor MML and do an lovely giveaway (details at the end).

Here is a little interview we did, in which I learned that she will soon be doing a line of tote bags(!!). I know I’ll be back for bags and custom gifts in the (near) future as well.


I love how graphic and fun your pillows are! Where do you get your inspiration for new deigns?

I get a lot of my inspiration from graphic and interior design books and magazines, vintage wallpapers and fashion. Being a graphic designer, I am a bit of a font fanatic. I’m always shopping around for new fonts and trying to find a classic yet modern font that would translate well on a pillow.

As a designer myself, I know there are some things that I love making more than others. What are your favorite styles to make?

It involves more work but I love making patterned pillows. I love creating patterns out of felt. I enjoy the process of sketching my ideas on paper, then recreating it on the computer, printing out my stencils and finally sewing and having a finished product.

I love the script you use on many of your pillows, it would be adorable for a child’s room or gift! Can customers request personalization?

Yes they can! I have made pillows for customers redesigning a new bedroom for their growing child or friends buying pillows for girlfriends that are expecting. I have also made personalized pillows as christening gifts. I love working with customers and making a special pillow just for them.

What is your vision for Honey Pie Design in the next year or two?

I want to create a line of baby items and gift sets. Before my daughter was born I made her some really cute bibs, toys and clothes. I want to start making some of these things for my Etsy shop. I have also been working on tote bags and hope to have my new designs on sale soon.

Giveaway Item: Teal Love Pillow

To own your very own Honey Pie design, please visit Lana’s Etsy shop. And to win this adorable teal love pillow, comment below stating your favorite item in the Honey Pie store before Wednesday, April 21st.

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  1. Danielle

    Wow – great giveaway! I’d never heard of Honey Pie before and now several items are listed in my favorites list in Etsy. I love LOVE love: the Hudson pillow, the Chelsea pillow and the yellow Love pillow.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  2. Molly

    Adorable shop! I adore the anchor beach tote. Adorable. Also the Zebra pillow in cyan is super bright and cheery. – Molly

  3. Anna

    So many cute stuff. I love all of the “Love”pillows but especially like the hot pink color. I also love the heart and headphone pillow. So original! ~ Anna

  4. Julie

    What a talented designer! I love all of the ‘love’ pillows with the scripted font and the Chelsea Pillow. Fun stuff!

  5. Kat

    Oooh hard to choose…I really love the ‘love’ pillow with the scripted front (the teal would actually look best with the rest of my decor) and I also really love the Chelsea Pillow. I may have to buy one myself!

    Thanks for introducing us to this great shop!

  6. Liberty

    These pillows are beautiful – my favorite is the Hudson in gray, but many of the others are very cool – really like the Love pillows too!

  7. Amanda

    Wow!! These are awesome!! The love pillows are fantastic.

  8. Ann

    Wow! So many great designs! Black, white, yellow and grey are my favorite colors, but I like circles, too! There are so many good choices its hard to pick a favorite, but I will say, you picked it first! The yellow love pillow is my favorite, too.

  9. Breanna

    I love love love the Chelsea pillow! Oh that black and white pattern makes me swoon! It would go great in my bedroom!

  10. Heidi Lyn

    I love the je t’aime pillow! Darling pillows, can’t wait to see the expanded lines.

  11. Christina

    Great shop! I adore the yellow and teal love pillows!

  12. Cathy

    I think I’m in love with the “Chelsea” pillow!

  13. Adrienne

    I adore the teal Love pillow — it’s one of my favorite colors and I like the simple elegance of the design.

  14. Beth

    I like the love pillows… especially the yellow one. I also think the custom monogram pillow is really cute! Thanks for the giveaway and for introducing us to such a great etsy seller! 🙂

  15. S.E.Minegar

    Great giveaway! What a cool shop. I love them all! The Chelsea pillow is especially darling!

  16. Janet

    I LOVE the Chelsea Pillow! It would be a great add to my black, white and taupe bed set! Awesome give away and great etsy seller!

  17. Megan

    Love this shop! Thanks for posting about it, great ideas for gifts. My favorite is the Toi <3 Moi pillow!

  18. Anna

    The shop is adorable! I love the yellow love pillow as well and the anchor pillow.

  19. Laina

    Very cute shop – I love the “home”, “love” and “Je T’aime” pillows the best, adorable!

  20. Brianne

    Seriously, this pillow would be PERFECT for my nursery!!! I would be thrilled to be the winner!!!

  21. Kelley

    Awesome pillows! I think the Headphone and Heart pillow is so cute and unique. It would be great for a teenage girl’s room.

  22. Stephanie

    What a great way to add a conversation piece! I love the Ampersand Pillow. I think it would be perfect on a bed in a master suite- showing that the two of them are in it together!

  23. chelle

    I can only pick one? zebra in cyan or Ampersand

  24. heather

    so many great items in this store, but my favorite is the chelsea pillow. the pattern is great, and would look great in any room of the house!

  25. Jill

    Adorable… I am always looking for new throw pillows. One can never have enough!

  26. Wehaf

    I’m smitten with the Toi and Moi Pillow!

  27. Sarah

    I love the “je t’aime” pillows the best!

  28. Melissa

    I love the monogram custom pillow!Too cute 🙂

  29. Melissa S.

    This is a great shop! I totally love the Chelsea pillow!

  30. Alissa

    Adorable pillows! I hope I snag one!

  31. Alyssa

    I had never heard of Honie Pie until today. I think I’m hooked. I absolutely love the love pillow! In any color!

  32. Leana

    they are all so cute, but i love love the yours & mine pillows!

  33. Clara

    The Monogram Custom pillow is darling. I can see two of these — one for me and one for my husband — on our bed. Thanks to you and Lana for this lovely giveaway!

  34. Simone

    I have to say I LOVE the teal Je T’aime pillow. Teal/Turquoise is my favorite color AND I grew up speaking French, so Je T’aime is what my Mom always told me before tucking me in at night…and now what I say to my boyfriend (he’s learned a few words!) 🙂

    Beautiful pillows! They’re all really charming! xo

  35. Jenny

    LOVE the Cyan Zebra pillow and the Love pillows. Found a new favorite ETSY shop!

  36. Danielle

    Loving all the love pillows, but I think I like the lavender sachets the best!!

  37. Torie

    Oh! It’s all so lovely, but my absolute favorite would have to be the ampersand pillow.

  38. wow, i love her designs! love the colors and graphics. i love the je t’aime pillow and the headphone and heart pillow in her store:)


  39. imogen

    favourite item…that’s a tough call. they are beautiful designs. I think the je’taime or the teal love cushion really are my fav’s. you can never have enough love in your life can you?

  40. Kaitlyn

    Her pillows are adorable! I’m especially liking the teal “Je T’aime” pillow- the fonts and colors make such a great statement!

  41. Cara

    I really love the yellow love pillow and the chelsea pillow–I can’t decide!


  42. Hillary

    I really like the teal love pillow. It would be so perfect in our new nursery! What a cute and stylish design. 🙂

  43. Jonna

    The peace pillow would look great in my home office! I have a small navy blue couch with two long, white, button-front pillows on it and the peace pillow would fit in perfectly given the red accents in the room. 🙂

  44. Stephanie

    I looooove the ampersand pillow. I collect ampersands, but I don’t have one on a pillow yet!

  45. Sarah

    I love the Anchor Pillow! I’m a little obsessed with all things nautical right now!

  46. Lise

    Oh my goodness, the je t’aime pillow is my fave! I adore it! But the teal love pillow is gorgeous too.

  47. devon

    absolutely adorable!!!
    i think my favorite is the yellow LOVE pillow, but they’re all amazing so it’s hard to choose just one.

  48. Eva

    I love the teal love pillow bc it matches my bedsheets!!! I also LOVE the Chelsea Pillow….those are some sweet designs…oh I also like the headphones one…I like all of them!

  49. Flavia

    I’m loving the hudson pillow in gray. They are all so cute though!

  50. jewelrywhore

    these pillows are too cute. I’m also in love with the turquoise “je t’aime” pillow. 🙂

  51. michelle

    love the anchor pillow. that is my favorite.

  52. Nessa

    I love the “&” pillow, the love is great as well in the aqua…

  53. I like the ampersand and the Je t’aime pillows. And the Hot mom is pretty funny. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the day! Erin

  54. Melanie K

    All the pillows are so awesome, but I think I love the giveaway pillow the best. And the je t’aime pillow. These beauties really inspire me 🙂

  55. megan

    the personalized polka dot pillow is precious, and the “lovely mom” pillow would be great for mother’s day! I love this shop!

  56. Sarah Rogers

    For sure my favorite is Yours and Mine pillows. Its the perfect excuse to start an argument and then pillow fight!

  57. Jessica Mahaffey

    I love the yellow love pillow! I’ve just redone our master bedroom and it would be perfect on our bed. I used gray, white and yellow throughout the room. Love it!

  58. Diana

    The Chelsea Pillow is my favorite – I’m a sucker for geometric patterns and black and white.

  59. Piper

    Ooh, I love the home pillow and the custom pillows! Love the cursive writing on the pillows – very fun.

  60. Jenesa

    I think my favorite is the black love pillow!… the felt bricks pillow is also very cute!

  61. ami-lee

    I looooove the light blue ‘je t’amie’ pillow. It’s exactly right for what Im envisioning for the new look of our bedroom!

  62. Julie A. S.

    I love the je t’aime pillows. Tres chic:)

  63. Jill

    I love love love the peace pillow and the adorable lavender sachets!

  64. Tina

    The teal love pillow is actually on my favorites list. It will be a perfect addition to my pillows in the living room.

  65. Lucia Lucero

    I absolutely LOVE the teal love pillow!

  66. rae

    The white love pillow is beautiful. Minimalist. Pure. Will go with everything! LOVE!

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