how to handle massive change


Today I wrote a column on The Everygirl that I wish I could have read myself a month ago. I shared what I wish I knew about handling massive change. The things I share are lessons learned over the past few months handling so much change at once.

Because no matter how great our life transitions might be, they still require a generous amount of compassion, familiarity, and big picture perspective.

Post: How to Handle Massive Change


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  1. Lemon Drop Love

    I read your article and loved it. This helped me better understand the way I feel when big change happens…it always ends up being a little bittersweet. I used to beat myself up over that, but it is nice to hear that it is normal and I should let go and just allow myself to go through the emotions of change. It is almost like a grieving process that no one ever really talks about. Thanks for sharing!
    xx Jen

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