how to store jewelry at home


Recently I was asked how I store my jewelry. Considering I am a jewelry designer, it’s not an incredibly unusual question. I myself would like to see what kind of pots and knives a chef uses at home, too. Or what kind of drink a Barista makes for themselves…

But back to the jewelry storage question.  Above is the little prep area I have in my closet for all things jewelry. The dark wood jewelry box houses my rings and vintage jewelry given to me from my Grandmas. Rhinestones, cocktail rings, pearls, and post earrings are all tucked away in their little white padded homes. My Jess LC necklaces and bangle bracelets hang from a metal jewelry tree from Urban Outfitters.


TIP: No More Knots – EVER!

Always hang your necklaces to avoid tangling the chains. Use a jewelry tree as pictured, nails on a wall, pegs, whatever. Just don’t let the chains touch a horizontal surface and you’re golden.


As for french-wire earrings, I use this padded criss-cross lattice board. It sits precariously on top of a full length mirror to the left of this chest and falls on my head 2.6 times a month.

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  1. Jill

    lovely of course! looks like you have some fab pieces… no surprise! Have a happy Monday!

  2. ohbrooke

    well done. I’m liking the earring holder and the cogs are spinning as to how I can do this at my house. I’ll keep you posted – this is a priority for me this week!

  3. Kaitlyn

    My mom gave me the same jewelry tree for Christmas! I love the earring holder, so cute! I hope all is well, hope to see you soon!

  4. pve

    Oh how sweet that little branch is that holds your jewelry. I need one of those.
    Feeling inspired to organize my jewelry.

  5. Jess

    @ Rachel: I can’t wait to see your new storage idea!

    @ Brooke and PVE: I hope the ideas help inspire your new organization systems.

    @ Jill: Thanks for the pillow advice and I am glad you like the idea.

    @ Kaitlyn: So funny that you have the same tree- same color?

  6. Kristin

    Hey Jess – I’m redoing my closet and I need one of those jewelry trees to hang my pretty Jess LC necklaces! Where’d you get it??

  7. Blanch Mcdale

    I greatly loved reading your post! I adore all things antiques, but in particularly engagement rings.

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