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First, I’ll state the obvious: Yes, my face looks more than a bit strange in that shot. Gotta love web video screen selection, right?

What might be less obvious is what this video is for. Yesterday I found out from a friend that Oprah’s new network, OWN, is hosting a tv show which is giving ten people a shot at creating the television show of their dreams.

And as I’ve said in the past, the reason I have chosen to be self-employed is to eventually “design my life” and spread the message of making under and designing a life with intention. Believe it or not, the idea for my book (which is now in this blog form) was ultimately from an idea for a tv show. A new style of makeover show – a makeunder show.

Growing up I always loved a good makeover show whether it be focusing on the house, room, wardrobe, or hairstyle. I’d always end up inspired and full of ideas – which were largely unrealistic for my budget. What I would like to do with MakeunderMyLife is create a program where I help different people each show “design their life” and then makeunder their spaces. Using the same four steps I recommend here on the blog, Create a Vision, Exfoliate Stuff, Intentional Obsessions, and Reflect and Evolve I will show how these steps apply to the person in the show.

More importantly, I see this show concept as a way to help expand what I’ve already started here on MML- I want to create an online place for community, chats, and support for people designing their life with intention. I envision adding a space for people to submit their own videos explaining why they should be the next participant on the show. I want to have a place where people who do their at home makeunders can upload their story and images. The best part of making under is that it applies to people of all walks of life, all income levels, and is easy to do right away.

If you like this idea and think it has potential, please click over to watch the video and to vote. I’ve genuinely appreciated your support here on MML and I thank you for helping me take my message to the next level. And if you feel super strongly about it and you’d like to share the video with your own friends and family to help me make my dreams come true, I’d be indescribably thankful.

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  1. sandyb

    Amazing, amazing, amazing. Jess! Not only is this a bold move (applying for such a coveted position in America right now) but you are really putting into motion your own personal intentions to live your life as you want to…and that is the most inspiring message of all. I wish nothing but luck and that others see what a wonderful and practical idea “making under your life” really is.

  2. Jeanee

    OMG! You’re the 2nd person I know auditioning for Oprah!

    Going over to vote for you…

  3. @chicspace

    I suggest, as the other blogger did who is also applying to the Oprah tv show challenge, that you ink a book deal, fast. I think you’ve got everything here to do that. Go for it!

  4. Freck

    Just voted for you 🙂 What a great vid, I can really see this turning into a show. Best of luck to you!

  5. Thaís

    Hi Jess,

    I met you blog a couple of weeks ago, but just tonight I had time enough to read some posts. I just wanted to say that your blog is fab, and I’m sure that every little thing you write here encourage people to follow their dreams. Reading you blog today had just made my day better! I’m from Brazil and I will be always be here, reading what you have to say!!! By the way I loved the design of your blog!


  6. Shenneth

    I would love all of the things you talk about in your blog come to life in a tv show! Good luck!

  7. Melissa

    Voted! Good Luck- you would be awesome!!

  8. Laina

    I voted! I can’t wait to see your dream of further spreading the makeunder philosophy come true 🙂

  9. Kristin

    love it and i voted!! my favorite part is the WWJAD?? I remember when we talked about this and i love it! good luck!!!

  10. Anna

    I loved your video. You are so natural on camera. I can’t wait to see you on TV.

  11. Claire

    You provide a well thought out plan for your show but….I love your blog more than your show idea. I love the escape from the reality tv shows that your REAL blog offers. You offer so much variety and are so welcoming to others to share their information that has remained relative to your overall theme. Your blog is refreshing. This is my goto site when I really need a break.

  12. CassiMO

    I voted for you! I honestly think this is a fantastic idea, and am inspired by your goals and your vision. Thanks for empowering us entrepreneurs (or wannabes, in my case)… 😉 Good luck!

  13. Jessica

    I voted for you! Your show would be a wonderful – and much needed – relief from shows about needing “newness” all the time.

    (p.s. I just know your chevron earrings are tucked into a wrapped box for my birthday this weekend. Boyfriend did well this year. And a huge thanks to you for creating such beauties. Now I just have to wait a couple more days to wear them!)

  14. CB

    I am so excited!! I voted and I’m wishing you luck!!

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