TLS #225: How to sync your heart + brain waves for more healing, alignment & less stress with Howard Martin

Today on TLS we’re discussing one of the most exciting – and practical – techniques I’ve encountered in 2017:

How to sync our heart waves with our brain waves.

To share how to do this (and why), I’ve asked Howard Martin, the spokesperson for HeartMath, to come on the show and explain the science and technique. And mid-way through the show, you’ll begin using this powerful process to increase your healing, alignment, wellbeing, and lower your stress immediately!

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn a powerful technique to sync brain and heart waves for your maximum benefit physically and mentally.





  • Howard explains how he got started with his work and how he learned that everything living was designed to grow, change and adapt.

  • He tells how he met his mentor and friend Doc Childre and how he eventually learned he needed leave his life in music and to pursue the unknown and how that was one of the hardest choices he had to make.

  • Howard tells us how he began to live a different life than what he was used to and you that learning experience was so vital.

  • He tells us about his process of self-exploration after he left the music industry and how he found intelligence that provides intuitive guidance.

  • Howard explains how science is used to build a bridge between levels of heart and what could be proven by science.

  • He mentions that science has provided a powerful foundation that is more accepted by more people and organizations.

  • Howard describes the heart-brain coherence and neurological communication and how it relates to us.

  • He discusses the neurological, biophysical and biochemical components of the human body.

  • Howard dives in to detail about the bio-chemical communication between the heart, brain and nervous system.

  • He explains how he believes that we are all living in this field of energy around our body and that it radiates all around us.

  • Howard talks about the importance of how we use the heart and the qualities of the heart to lead our lives everyday and to add meaning to it.

  • He tells us that one of the biggest attributes of the heart’s intelligence is the ability to understand and regulate our emotions.

  • Howard encourages us to explore, learn, grow and be willing to challenge ourselves in life as long as we care and consider our heart.




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  1. I teach workshops to companies on lots of topics, but one of my favorites is generational differences in the workplace. One of the things that I love to talk about is the dynamics between Baby Boomers and Millennials. In some research Millennials are called “echo boomers”. They have so much in common in life experiences and events that were happening during their formative years (war, culture shifts, perspectives, etc.). It makes complete sense to me the Howard would feel a deep connection with millennials and vice-versa.

  2. I am OBSESSED with your podcast Jess, and I loved this episode. Howard was a delight to listen to and the techniques he shared are awesome. Thank you for the brilliant work you put out into the world.xx

  3. Koren Swanda Scott

    Hi Jess – I love your podcast topics! I was listening to this episode and I was fascinated with the electrical aspect from the heart. I had an experience years ago in my early to mid 20s. (I’m 48 now) I was out with friends at a bar and we were talking to a group of men. I started talking to one individual. He and I had barely spoken a few sentences when all of a sudden I felt this huge current come through me from my heart to him. I stared at him and he stared at me. He asked me “Did you just feel that?” I told him I had. I had never met this man before and yes, I was attracted to him but after I left the bar I never saw him again. I think I had a similar experience once before this but I haven’t since. Looking back I have always wondered what that was, how did he feel it to and what it meant. Any ideas as to what transpired?

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