TLS 359: Q+A: Jess’ New Online Course, a Typical Day, When Jess Knew Atlas was the One + More!

It’s about time Jess updates us on her life with Atlas in Lisbon, don’t you think? This is Chelsea, Jess’s podcast producer, and I don’t know about you, but I’m so glad she’s back with an update! 
In this episode of the Lively Show, Jess brings us a lovely Q&A where she answers a handful of beautiful questions like what does her daily life with Atlas looks like in Lisbon, when did she realized Atlas was the one, and how to know whether or not we should do something when we really don’t feel like doing it (Jess’s answer to the question, in my opinion, is life-changing!).
Plus, Jess shares details on her weekly cacao ceremonies with Atlas and what she found out when her and Atlas had their charts read.
At the end of the episode, Jess mentions she may finally be coming out of her hibernation and making more appearances. Only time will tell, but I sure hope to hear more from her soon! 
Questions asked…
12:00 – How do you work in/on your business these days? 
18:00 – Is it normal to feel like you need to release the same bean bag over and over again?
21:00 – Recommendations for Mexico
21:45 – What does a day in the life of Jess look like?
25:00 – Details on Jess’s weekly cacao ceremonies 
29:00 – Details on Jess and Atlas getting their charts read
32:00 – When traveling, how did you know when to flow from one place to another?
36:00 – How do we know whether or not we should do something when we don’t feel like doing it? 
38:45 – How long after meeting Alas did you realize he was the one you had been waiting for? 
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In Elevate With Intention, Jess circles back to the core principles of previous courses she’s shared, but with a new, updated approach that reflects the expanded consciousness we now have. 
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