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Oh my goodness. I stopped working yesterday after posting I Will Figure This Out and tried to let my mind rest and recover from the frustration that’s been building around the handbag project. To be honest, I’d been doing a lot of praying about the situation this week and it was time that I took a break from the whole situation and focused on other positive areas of my life.

In the meantime, many incredible MML readers got to to work by helping me. I sit down to work this morning with many encouraging comments and several email leads which might hold the answer to the bag production for Jess LC. I’ve been working on this project since January and I was beginning to lose my enthusiasm. But this outpouring of support has fanned the flames and I feel back in action.

I’m also thrilled to hear the response to the idea of Jess LC bags – this is a totally new market for me and knowing how many people are excited to see and perhaps purchase them is a fantastic show of support.

Normally I would respond to comments in the comment section or in emails. But today I’d like to do a formal thank you to everyone who has reached out so far and thank them right here, in the post. So here it goes:

Thank You For Your Comments

Jill: Thank you so much for your email and I can’t wait to follow up with you on your brother’s experience with his clothing line.

Helena: It is so sweet of you to remember that I am also planning to try home goods as well! I’m thrilled to hear that you’re excited about too because that’s definitely got a huge home in my heart. Once I conquer (or start) the bag launch I’ll be looking on that horizon next : ).

Maddie: Thank you for the encouragement about the handbags and for pointing out that this is about more than just bags. This is about all of us going forward into areas we’ve never tried before. We will figure things out!

Maggie Rose: Oh! You make me so excited to debut the actual designs I have in mind! Though there are no actual paisleys specifically in the designs, I think they all represent my “design with intention” philosophy which translates to jewelry as well. PS – Thanks for sticking by me here on MML all these years and for growing so much in your own as well. You will find what research you need too!

Moxiemandie: Thank you so much for your support! I’m thrilled to hear that you have grown so quickly and are so busy this past month! That’s a great sign. Perhaps bringing on an intern might be helpful for you to juggle the demands of the shop and your full-time job. Keep it up! The fact that you are dealing with this level of success means you are doing the right things and you are ready to grow!

Marguerite: Thank you so much for the recommendation! I plan to hop over to Luxirare’s site today : ).

Dayka: I’m happy to hear that you appreciate the fact that I let the “cat out of the bag” and told you what I am working on! I was a bit hesitant to do so since I really wanted this to be a surprise. But knowing that the process is helpful for others makes it all worthwhile.

Bruinette: Hah, I hope that the line is miles long! That would make all the frustration to this point totally worth it. (I’ll make sure to save you a spot at the front of the line!)

Olivia: Thank you so much for letting me know you’ll be one of my first bag customers, that means a lot when launching something so different!!

Gina: I’m thrilled to hear that this post was helpful for you and resonated. I hoped that everyone else in similar shoes right now would feel better knowing that they are not alone in feeling lost.

Sarah K. S: Thanks for letting me know that you’d be up for a chevron bag! Though I didn’t have that in the first collection, that definitely is now swirling in my mind for a style down the road…

Sundeep: Thank you! I hope the new baby turns out well.

Lauren: You are so sweet! Thank you for a) pointing out that I will figure this out (it’s easy to get discouraged after three months of getting nowhere) and b) for letting me know that you’re considering being one of my first bag customers!

Ajay: Thank you for the recommendations! I’m going to research Skinny Vinny today and thanks for making the Her Campus connection as well.

Rose: Thank you for the virtual high five!

Lauren M: I’m happy to hear that sharing this point in the process is helpful for other people in “the dark” about areas of their own lives. Your encouragement is contagious!

Merissa: Thanks! I’m so excited to share what they look like, but that will be saved for the big reveal ; ).

Adriana: Yes! That is exactly why I wrote this post! I want people to know that just because you have had success in some areas of life or business doesn’t mean that it comes naturally! It’s earned over a lot of time, trial and error, and hard work. Everyone is the same. We all learn through mistakes and sheer determination.

Thank You For Your Emails

Kourtney P: I’ll be emailing you to follow up about your connection, thank you so much for reaching out so quickly!

Megan F: Thank you for this site! I’m going to follow up with you and look into the Incubator for sure. I never thought to look there!

Jill: As I mentioned before, I’ll be getting back to you, lady!! You are incredible.

Phew. The turnaround I feel happened for me between yesterday and today is almost overwhelming. I feel honored to have such strong support and so many new leads to follow. I appreciate you all more than you realize. Everyday that I sit down to write on MML I do so because I know I am meant to. It is my purpose and therefore brings me joy. But to see that it can also lead to so many new possibilities through the unsolicited caring of so many people… is a lot to take in.

Thank you. Thank you very much.


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  1. Cathy

    Way to go, lady! Glad to hear that you’re feeling better about all of this. When there’s a will…there’s a way!

  2. Jess

    @ Cathy: Thank you!! I can’t wait to fill you in on all the specifics…

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