TLS #207: Quantum Living: how to make changes in life & identity without pain, struggle, or “ego death”

Today’s Lively Show is a bolt of inspiration and an a-ha that struck me so deeply that I immediately turned on the mic and started to talk it out… with you!

I am so excited for you to hear this one — this is my recent revelation and a-ha moment surrounding the difficulty or pain we sometimes experience when we feel like where we are in some area of our lives is no longer serving us.

We know it’s time to move onto something new, but there is a catch – a part of us that isn’t quite ready to keep up with the shift that is dwelling within us.

Today I’m going into why this is and a way around these identity shifts so we can flow more peacefully from one stage of life to the next.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn how to do the new things they want to do, without the fear of “changing” their identity.






  • Why do we care about identity and why should you care about this right now.

  • How we get stuck into “identities” issues.

  • How the science and consciousness are connected in what can be called “wholeism.”

  • How we can flow in peace and harmony when we are not redefining ourselves every step of the way.




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Awareness At Home Class (new!)

Abraham Hicks

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Law of Attraction –

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  1. Jeremy

    This episode should come with a warning: Do not consume while driving! The nuggets of wisdom, flow like a firehose 😮

    Jess, this reminded me of a concept the leader of my Mindfulness study group recently presented. We’ve just started exploring the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism. The first is dukkha, which is that “we crave and cling to impermanent states and things”. Like the constraint of focusing on breath in meditation – aligning our identity to, as you described, a “Growth Seeking Being of Consciousness” is such a wonderful way to release ourselves from the pain, of attachment and fear!

  2. Wendi

    This episode hit me so hard (I hate the word resonate for some reason) that I had to come down to my computer to let you know. I think the thing that I am really loving the most and the thing that I’m appreciating about all of this LoA stuff is that it’s ok to listen to my inner needs and wants, that I’m not wrong in everything i want, but that I really CAN listen to my desires. I don’t know why I’ve learned along the way that I’m not suppose to honor my desires, but I’ve always felt like something is wrong with me. Like, oh my gosh, I want to try something new again, why am I so flaky and so inconsistent, why can’t I just settle into something and stay there but when you said that it’s our inner desire to grow and that’s not a bad thing, I felt like that gave me permission to just explore my desires without shaming myself for wanting something different. So. Awesome. thank you

  3. Gabrielle Noyé

    This was amazing Jess! I love how you can take something like quantum mechanics and consciousness–things that can be utterly confusing–and give us the dish in bite size, yet soul-expanding, pieces. I too have felt like something must be wrong with me because I want to switch gears and go for something different (but not too different as I can see how the dots connect: it’s the essence). It’s also so important to keep company with those who see us (and themselves) as growth-seeking beings. I feel much better about owning my growth-seeking soul. Much love and gratitude for your voice!
    P.S. Also used the Audible gift for Hick’s Law of Attraction. Just finished. I was resisting reading it for so long, now can’t get enough. 🙂

  4. Nicole Simmons

    I just started listening to your podcasts last week, and this morning I listened to this episode. I have to say that I absolutely loved your definition of growth as being defined as doing something new, or really (as I interpreted it), creating a change. The fact that you also addressed that this “something new” can be a concept that we’ve explored in the past and are returning to was so refreshing to me. I could physically feel myself relax a little. I think it’s such a kind definition because so often I know I find that I beat myself up over what I see as returning to a concept in my life and I perceive that as taking a few steps back, when actually, I’m still moving forward. There may be new lessons and experiences in that concept that I have yet to see. Thank you for this!

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