3 reasons what you wanted *didn’t* happen


Though we all face disappointment and rejection throughout our lives, “nos” to opportunities we deeply want hit hard.

Today I’d like to share three reasons why those “Important Nos” in our lives may happen. As you’ll see, these nos are actually working out for the best… though we may not see how in the present moment.

(And, as you can see in the screen shot, today I have my little furry co-host, Franklin!)


Have you faced an Important No recently?

If so, I’d love to hear your story (and whether one of these three reasons why it happened has become clear) in the comments below!


PS – Can’t watch the video at work? Check out this article I wrote for The Everygirl.


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  1. Weezie Boiles

    How amazing that you sent this TODAY. My business partner and I decided this morning that we were going to close our online boutique. It’s a long story but basically when that thought came into my gut yesterday morning- just like you talked about- my head decided to do some of the logistics. I worked on it and proposed a few options to my partner. Her gut told her the same thing mine had. We have worked really hard on this side business but the timing just isn’t right right now. We think it could be very successful but it’s not right for this time in our lives. What an amazing coincidence for today! Thank you for this post. And your intentions class may be the reason I was listening to my gut- so thank you again!!!

    1. That is so great to hear, Weezie! I’m SO glad to hear that you listened to your gut and made this decision from that place of wisdom. Bravo!!

      It’s fantastic to hear that living with intention, and the class, has helped you make such profound choices from a place of peace. : )

      Congrats and cheers to the next chapter that lies ahead!

  2. Megan

    Jess, your videos are always so crisp and easy to hear. Do you mind sharing what you’re filming with?
    Loved the video. Listening to your personal example had me thinking about some gut feelings I’m having about my job. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I have to say, it took a while to get them to this level (a lot of fussing and takes), and they could definitely be sharper/improved. That said, I use my DSLR Canon Rebel T5i with either the kit lens or 50mm. : )

  3. Lauren

    Oh, yes – has happened quite a bit this past year! I had interviewed and was told I was the perfect candidate for a full time job but ended up getting just the maternity leave coverage job. It was awesome, but that time made me realize that I really just wanted to have my own private practice (what my intuition was telling me all along!). Luckily, that no led to me working as an independent contractor (basically private practice) at an amazing integrative health clinic + an online coaching business. I really feel blessed that I was told no, so I had the opportunity to listen to my intuition and go for my own business.

    1. Wow. What a wonderful example of an important no! I’m so happy you found the ‘no’… which was really a set up for a huge ‘yes!’

  4. Jennifer

    Great video! This has happened to me over the past year as well. Last summer, I had a job opportunity that would have required me to move to a different city. I had been hoping/planning for the move for a while, was excited about the job, and was convinced it was what I “needed” to do. However, for several different reasons, it did not work out, and I had to stay put. At the time, I was disappointed and even felt hopeless, but now I look back on that “no” as a miracle. Since then, I’ve overcome a few things I struggled with for years and have had some amazing experiences, none of which would have happened had my move worked out.

    1. Jennifer, I can totally relate. It totally sucks when a move you are looking forward to doesn’t work out. I’m so happy to hear you feel it’s now a miracle – that is fantastic! Congrats on all of your growth – right where you are! : )

  5. I really enjoy these quick videos! I am working on just “going with the flow” and believing that everything happens for a reason. If something is supposed to work out, then it will. If something falls through, then that was what was naturally supposed to happen and I have to believe that something better is in the cards for me. Thinking this way challenges me to trust my gut, but it also eliminates a bunch of stress.

    1. Hooray, Kimberly!

      Listening to your gut and letting it unfold can be challenging, but the more we try, the more we get comfortable with it. : ) Love you!

  6. Tomissa Porath

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you so much, Jess.

      1. Tomissa Porath

        It has over the past few months. It’s tough when everyone else can see your “no reason” clearly and you can’t. But I’ve gotten through it!

  7. this is a wonderful video, Jess! Plus i loved seeing Franklin’s ears perk up every time your tone changed 🙂 I don’t have a no example at the moment, but next time a situation comes up I’ll definitely keep these 3 points in mind.

    1. Thanks, Dervla! That means a lot coming from you!!

      I’ve been busy behind the scenes wrapping up my hotel lobby design project to move on to the next chapter… Hoping to have a reason to go to NYC soon! : )

  8. I love this SO much Jess!

    I love the idea of listening to your intuition instead of your head and it’s something I really need to keep reminding myself to do. I find I am often too scared to listen to my intuition/heart because having big dreams brings up a lot of self-doubt. I find that I end up making a lot of decisions from my ego/a place of fear. It’s something I’m really trying to work on (and I’ve only become conscious of in the law few months) and this video is such a great reminder to listen to your gut.

    Thank you!

    Sam xx
    http://www.smart-twenties.com – how to make the most of your twenties

    1. That is so great to hear that this resonated with you, Sam! : )

      Intentional living, as I define it for the purposes of the blog and Life with Intention Online, is all about living from our values and our intuition’s perspective. When we falter and listen to the fear/ego, it’s all about coming back to that source when we catch ourselves listening to that fear/ego place. As many times a day as it takes.

      You might like this practice to help you get back to your intuition from time to time: http://jesslively.com///feelinglost/.

      1. Thanks for the link Jess 🙂 the thing I like most about my intuition is that when I ask it whether I should do something the answer is either ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘I don’t know yet’… None of this ‘yeah I should totally do it but I’m tired and maybe I can do it tomorrow blah blah blah’ just yes, no or I don’t know yet.

        Thanks again for the great post!

        Sam xx
        http://www.smart-twenties.com – how to make the most of your twenties

        1. SO true. It really is one of those three for the most part if it’s coming from the intuition. : )

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