What is INcome?

How long have you been trying to create money with the mind? Or maybe you know that abundance is your birthright, but can’t quite seem to make it happen in your real life? 

INcome is a four week course designed to untangle old stories and bust through the mind’s limiting beliefs that are blocking money from coming to you effortlessly. 

During our time together, we’ll uncover the ways we’ve been conditioned to think (and feel) about money that makes it seem as if working hard and hustling are the only ways to achieve the abundance you desire.  

Over the four weeks, you’ll learn to observe money from the point of view of the Inner Voice.  You’ll learn how to see money as energy, a frequency with which you can align to, instead of an object that must be acquired and you’ll learn how to allow the abundance into your life with very little effort.  

At the end of the course, you will have a deeper understanding of how your mind and Inner Voice can work together to eliminate the stress and anxiety that can arise around money and have more TRUST (and fun) when it comes to creating money and abundance. 

Course Overview

INcome is currently in progress! 

Live calls will take place on Thursdays at 6:00pm EST (note: the Feb. 11 call will be held at 3:00pm EST). 

  • Week One: How & Why the mind creates money blocks 
  • Week Two: Money from the point of view of the IV (You ARE the abundance)  
  • Week Three: Hot seat mini-session with the IV and Bean Bag energetic clearing work around money  
  • Week Four: Q & A, more mini hot seat IV sessions and Bean Bag work around money 

After our four weeks together, you will walk away

  • With a deeper understanding of why the mind has stories around money and why you don’t have to work hard to make money. 
  • How to clear the emotional resistance that has been blocking your connection to your abundant birthright. 
  • How to use the mind and the Inner Voice together to create the money and abundance you desire. 
  • How to tap into and become the frequency of money (abundance) so you are a money magnet.

Meet Lauren

Lauren is a living example of this work. Not long ago she had to move back in with her parents and was selling vintage fur just to pay for food and bills because her mind’s stories around money were blocking her keeping her from realizing her truest potential and kept her in scarcity. 

Now she is an Intuitive Sales & Business Coach who has built a six-figure business helping soulpreneurs turn their gifts into money. Lauren teaches other coaches and soulpreneurs the missing link to creating more sales and money the easy way by harnessing their inner power and aligning to their authentic selves.