increasing happiness through television


In today’s video, I share something that Mr. Lively and I have done (by accident) that has created a huge increase in happiness this summer. Besides our private victory, this has made the biggest difference in our joy this summer.

(Sorry about the video fuzziness, I’m still learning how to make these as great as possible for you!)

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  1. Sweeter CPA

    I watched a Charlie Chaplin movie this weekend and laughed like a 5 year-old. There is definitely something to be said for those older shows/movies.

    1. I know, right?! It took a bit of convincing to get Mr. Lively interested in watching the Dick Van Dyke Show, but now he’s totally into it too!

      My accountant really likes Charlie Chaplin too – maybe there is a connection to CC and accounting??

  2. Jessica

    Hi Jess,

    I recently started watching the Wonder Years on Netflix a couple times a week and I have been loving it! I hadn’t really thought about why I’ve been loving it but I think you’re right – it’s just so different than the face paced, intense shows that I also love (Walking Dead, etc). Wonder Years was actually made in the 80s so not as old school as the Dick Van Dyke show, but still awesome!

    1. That’s so cool! I loved the Wonder Years. I think there is really something to be said to going back to the classics every once in a while. : )

  3. Ashlee Thurlow

    We decided not to get cable when we moved this summer. So far we’ve watched mostly Big Bang Theory on dvd (we have every.single.season!) Some Dr Quinn (also on dvd. Best xmas present ever! Way to go Ethan 😉 ha! I’m a nerd) AND….lots of Duck Dynasty online too! We obviously both need a laugh after crazy long work days. (13 hr days for poor E!) I do not miss it at all.

    1. Nice! I have never heard of Duck Dynasty. Wait, is that the reality show with duck hunters?? Sounds like you have a good routine down, too. : )

  4. Ashley

    This completely makes sense, because what you put in your mind/body reflects what comes out a lot of the time.
    We don’t have cable either and only watch “tv” on netflix. We currently are addicted to Fringe and have gotten to the 2nd season in less than a month.

    1. Exactly! I think you are totally right – what we consume from a tv perspective also influences our lives.

      I watched the pilot for one of my old favorite series, Greek, on ABC Family, and I was kinda shocked by the sex and drinking after watching The Dick Van Dyke Show for a few months now. I am sure that I’ll start watching other programs that aren’t so wholesome in the future, but this has made me a bit more aware of the effect that they can have on me.

      I’m not familiar with Fringe – is it a positive show that we should add to the mix?

      1. Ashley

        Fringe isn’t really a positive show like the Dick Van Dyke show. It’s more of a sci-fi, detective show. It’s fun to watch for the Summer. But I can’t wait until the new fall seasons start.

  5. Merissa

    The video’s actually better than others you’ve done because you have some great natural light. Also, love the wavy hair.

    1. Thanks! I agree, this one is better, even though it’s in the same room because it’s my Canon vs. computer. I upped the light way up to get the natural light that the computer can’t really capture. It’s still a work in progress as the camera’s shooting fuzzy lately, but hopefully will get that crispness down soon.

      Thanks for the encouragement!

  6. Stacia

    Hi Jess! I just wanted to say hi and I’m missing you, I’m so glad you are doing so well! I love this post. My parents used to always say “garbage in, garbage out” when they talked about what we could watch or do. I think i have forgotten that a bit and it is inspiring me to sort of ‘clean up’ how I watch television. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Hi Stacia! I miss you too! What are you up to these days?!

      I like your parents’ motto, too!!

  7. Amanda

    This post was awesome – my boyfriend and I have never had cable so we often end up watching old tv favourites like The Wonder Years and most recently, the Cosby Show. I think it’s a bit of nostalgia and just the classic nature of those programs that keep us smiling for hours after watching an episode. Great advice!

  8. Serena Faber Nelson

    This is so true Jess! My favourite shows are always sitcoms, as while they sometimes touch on heavy issues, they are ultimately fun and carry a good sense of stress free happiness.

    I also make a concerted effort not to watch the start of a lot of reality/talent shows at the beginning as usually you get invested in the characters and then are hooked for the whole season.

    There was a guy who once wrote about how when his gf would sit down to watch Masterchef for an hour every night, he would write. By the end of the series he had written his novel!

    Lots of people think TV is a drain, but as you show when you watch with intention its a great way to unwind and truly enjoyable!

    1. Jess Lively

      That’s crazy?! He wrote a book during the tv program?? I wonder how long the series lasted… ; )

      I’m happy to hear you are a positive tv watcher as well. : )

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