incrementally better

Sometimes I need to be reminded of my own lessons that I share here on MML.

Today was a great example. As I was running around trying to finish what felt like a million projects across MML, Jess LC, and BwI Workshops, I stopped for a moment to check my Twitter on the bus. What I found was MotorCityMoxie’s tweet staring me in the face.

My own words greeted me and said, “hey, why don’t you follow your own advice?

So I cut myself some slack. I’ve decided to accept my own limitations as I move forward with more on my plate than ever before. I don’t have to be a pro at the juggle just yet. I can just get better day by day and let that be enough.

Thanks for the reminder, Monique.

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  1. Thanks for the highlight Jess. I was just sifting through your posts and that really resonated with me. I love reading your posts. Your writing is so fluid. Good stuff and keep them coming.

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