What is INtegration?

This light and airy, wiggly and giggly, 45-minute hangout for 6 weeks is all about exploring and expanding how each of our inner voices integrate into our everyday reality.

Is it…

  • Solo inner voice time? Yup!
  • Group hangouts? Yup! Yup!
  • Inner voice to inner voice? Oh, you betcha ya!

Some weeks will be dedicated to IV playground, a time where we will continue to build and strengthen our relationship with our inner voices in a fun and unique way.

Other weeks will be dedicated to life situations, and how our inner voice comes through on topics of:

  • Work
  • Relationships with others
  • In times of mind indecisiveness
  • When unexpected life situations happen

Investment: $333

We gather! Wednesday nights at 1-1:45 pm EST each week starting May 19th. Calls will be recorded and available for viewing.

Open to anyone who has taken IVFT, and has checked-in with their inner voice and feels like it’s a comfortable, cozy fit (just like your favorite robe).

Course Overview

You’ll walk (maybe even frolic) away with:

  • A stronger relationship with your inner voice that is deep, rich, juicy, and delicious
  • Practices that you can put into your very own personalized IV tool kit
  • A deep sense of community with your fellow IVFs

And last, but certainly not least, ask your own IV! Here’s a great question to get the conversation started, “IV, what would you like me to take away from this experience?”

Meet Lucy Medrow

7 years ago, Lucy was struck by the feeling that something was missing that couldn’t be fully explained into words. In the journey to find this missing piece, she searched anxiously and unendingly outside of herself. It was during the IVFT Beta round, and being in the IV, that she found the piece that was missing all long. That’s when she realized that piece was always with her, infused in every element of life. To learn more about Lucy and her integration journey check out her story here.