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In the depths of January I mentioned that I desperately wanted the Gary Fisher Simple City bicycle. Since that post, two events have occurred.

The first fleeting interaction I had with an actual Simple City bike was through the Johnny Sprockets window, “conveniently” on my daily path to ship FedEx orders. The Simple City bicycle in the window was white and yellow-y mint green; perhaps some throwback color to a strange floral print in the 50’s or bad shag carpet in the 60’s. The color was hideous and my urge to get the bike vanished. My wallet heaved a sigh of relief.
The second encounter was not so budget friendly. The store has since replaced the offensive green and white bicycle* with a beautiful popcorn cream Simple City with white basket (pictured). It is darling. It is still expensive.

The drama continues.

*Note: When referring to a $969 piece of art, one cannot even consider using the word “bike” – ever noticed that?

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  1. citysage

    Ah yes. The ‘bikes are not art’ conundrum. I feel you on this one. I have a similar ‘chairs are not art’ problem, in particular for this little number:

    Apparently, my husband can’t justify spending $1500 art you can sit on…

    The link button looks AWESOME by the way—thanks so much for putting it up!

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