intentional obsession [update]: sectional

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was drooling over a sectional for our new apartment. It looked like this:


What I liked: the neutral color, modern lines, and scale of this Blake Sectional from West Elm. What I did not like: the price tag.

So this weekend Erwin and I headed over to Roy’s Furniture to see what they had to offer. Overall, we weren’t too impressed with the selection. Except for one. The one.


It isn’t exactly like the Blake sectional, but it’s pretty darn close. We decided to get the same layout as the Blake sectional with the chaise on the end (which is the real reason I want a sectional). They say it takes about six weeks for delivery. And at less than half the price of the Blake, it’s going to be a lot easier to afford other things like a) groceries and b) a new J.Crew boyfriend blazer next month.


I also like the darker coffee poly-velvet as opposed to the West Elm version. It’s going to hide dirt and stains a lot more.

What do you think?

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  1. Audrey

    Love it! We have a sectional and can’t get enough of it. Great job on finding a better priced one to boot!

  2. girl, it’s pretty DANG close – plus i love your color so much more – it’s warmer (and you’re right, more “dirt-friendly” 🙂 GREAT choice – can’t wait to see how you set it up in your own space!

  3. Rebecca

    wow! Super close. Nice job!
    We want to switch up to a sectional as well one day, i can’t wait. They are just so comfy and great for movie nights.

  4. Good find! And I’m all for that J.Crew blazer. I can see it: wearing the blazer, eating delicious food from Whole paycheck, lounging on the couch. Good deal!

  5. What a great find! We have a sectional in the same layout you bought, and we absolutely love it! Too bad we didn’t have the leftover funds for a J. Crew blazer….


  6. Kim

    It’s beautiful! Congrats on finding the perfect one! =)

  7. Mel

    Love it! We got our sectional from Roy’s as well in a chocolate brown color. Watch out! It sucks you in every single night. So comfy!

  8. Jess

    @ all: So glad it seems to be a good choice! I think it will suit us really well. And in good time we’ll be able to trade it out for something a little more streamlined.

    @ Michelle: Sounds like a great vision. 🙂

  9. We have a couch very similar to this one (purchased at Jennifer Convertibles) in the man room (aka the basement). Its so comfy! The squared off edges keep it nice and comtemporary. Congrats on the find!

  10. mary

    I love,love this sectional, but no longer live in Chicago. I went to roy’s Furniture website, and they list all of the manufacturers they carry. Please, what brand is yours so i might be able to find one like it here in Tulsa. Thanks!

  11. RoseCamaren@

    The Blake Sectional is one of the only sofas in the size/shape combination that works in our tiny living room that also fits our style. I’m concerned with it being soft and comfortable while not too slouchy with the “sinking” feeling you get from some couches. We don’t have a West Elm near us so can you possibly describe the comfort level of the Blake??? We’ve also only ever had leather and are a bit weary of the “performance velvet” so any opinions you have of that would be super helpful as well.

    Thank you!

    1. Jess

      So sorry, as the post mentions, we went with the Roy’s furniture sectional, not the west elm Blake, so I can’t share how the west elm version is. Best of luck though!!!

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