new intention necklaces!


Over the past few months, I’ve been working with Nichole of Acanthus Jewelry to bring back the most popular Jess LC collection of all time: the braille intention necklaces!

We are so proud to bring these to you – each necklace acts as a subtle reminder to Be Brave or Be Present throughout your day.

BePresentNecklace2 Simply rub the braille throughout your day to connect to your Values-based intention.

Each pendant also has the intention inscribed in the back as well.

Be Brave Necklace


Be Present Necklace


These pendants are originally hand-carved by Nichole, cast in a gold bronze color, and are hung on an adjustable (16″-18″) gold-fill chain.

And the best part? They are under $50!

When it came to making a lookbook for these puppies, I knew I wanted to feature the lovely guests of The Lively Show.


Each one of these women was brave for coming on and sharing their stories so openly and honestly. And the theme of presence is mentioned frequently in several episodes.

A perfect pairing for the collection!

Jessica Murnane   |  Check out her Lively Show episode

Michelle Ward  |  Check out her Lively Show episode

Dana Shultz  |  Check out her Lively Show episode

Amber Housely  |  Check out her Lively Show episode

Esmé Weijun Wang  |  Check out her Lively Show episode

Lindsay Ostrom |  Check out her Lively Show episode


You can shop the necklaces here:

Shop the BE BRAVE Necklace  

Shop the BE PRESENT Necklace.

If you purchase a necklace, please share a photo with me on Instagram or Twitter!

You can find me at @jessclivley and I’ll be using the hashtag #withintention.


May something wonderful happen to you today,


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  1. lauren

    I saw you in the audience of a recent oprah episode with td jakes!

  2. I love these… but I cannot decide which one I want more! – I also love your updated “hello” on the sidebar. I don’t remember if it said you loved nachos before… but regardless, it’s not even 10am, and I want nachos too now.

    1. Yay! Well, you could always get one and collect the other later! ; )

      I’m also happy to hear you like the new sidebar nacho detail – I’m obsessed and would totally eat some with you right now, too.

  3. Meagan Buch

    I love these, but wish I could have pinned directly from the page where you buy it!

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll see if Mr. Lively can program something like that onto that page. You are talking about this one, right?

      Also, I don’t know if you have it, but I have a little pin it button on my browser ( that allows me to press Pin on any page I’m on. Maybe you’d like to get it, too, in case there are other sites where there isn’t a visible pin button as well. : )

      1. Meagan Buch

        Thanks for replying! It wasn’t just not having a button on that page for pinning directly, but when you put that link in pinterest it can’t find any photos to post because of the way they’re displayed on that page.

        1. Oh! SO strange, I see all four images on my screen when I use the Pinterest Pin It Button. I’ll see if Mr. Lively can do something… maybe it has to do with browsers? (I’m using Chrome.)


  4. Sam

    a “be positive” one would be awesome for us negative nancies! just something to consider 🙂

  5. Sara Jane

    Beautiful! What camera are the instant photos that the necklaces are on taken with?

  6. aileenbarker

    I don’t generally love jewelry, but I really love these. Beautiful & meaningful. Will definitely be adding these to my wishlist 🙂

  7. Rachel

    The link no longer works, are these still available??

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