intentions and change

IntentionsAndChangeOver the past several years, as I’ve designed my life with intention, I have become clearer and clearer about what that phrase truly means to me.

I believe that the intentions we have for our lives are largely unchanging.

They form a “constitution” of sorts about what we believe and want for our lives. Though they may certainly evolve over time, like our country’s constitution, it is not often that we choose to amend them.

A well formed intention is created from a place of deep consideration for our deepest hopes, values, and life vision. It is something that we can re-commit ourselves to every morning.

Even if we may have faltered the day before.

It allows for changes in circumstance, and does not include metrics or “goals.”

An intention that will stand the test of time allows our life situation to change, yet remain steadfast.

It is a compass for navigating new waters.

With intentions in our hearts, we are then able to design our actions and habits to support these intentions in a variety of ways. 

Though my intention to listen to my gut, or intuition, when it comes to my physical well-being remains constant, how I design my life around this intention changes all the time.

I’ve fired my ego from controlling my eating, I’ve eaten one banana a week, I’ve ran every other day to help ease the discomfort of an incorrect prescription, and right now I’ve returned back to doing yoga once a week.

I’m curious to see how I evolve with this intention in mind in the future as well.

How I fulfill this intention when I’m an expecting mother may be different than how I do it now, or even after I have children.

I used to think that once I created a habit to support my intention, I had to keep doing it for a really long time.

If I started going to yoga, I wanted to keep going for years. If I ate one banana a week for a little while, I wanted to keep doing it for the foreseeable future.

Now, however, I’ve learned to lessen that grip on the habits and let them flow more naturally.

My habits don’t need to remain locked in place forever. They can grow and change as long as they are still serving the greater plan – the overall intention – for that area of my life.

As long as a habit is fueling my well-being and ultimate intention, I can keep going in that direction as long as I like. And if I later feel pulled in a new direction with a different habit, that’s fine, too.

I don’t need to be so concerned with the habits being consistent as I do about being focused on the intention that I bring to that moment.

In this season I might be into yoga, and next season I might be into running half marathons.

What I “do” isn’t as important as how I come to that moment to fulfill my guiding intention.

There is much to be said for dedication and commitment to habits.

But if we find ourselves stuck in tradition for the sake of familiarity and comfort, the intention can become lost and our desires may dim.

We may find ourselves simply floating through life, rather than staying alert to our guiding intentions or intuition. Our souls may be craving something new and different, but we may resist change in order to maintain the status quo.

A well formed intention won’t keep us stuck. It will help us change and grow into our full potential. 


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  1. Jess, this has literally taken years off my life and a weight off my shoulders. There is much more I’d like to say, but I’ll leave it at THANK YOU.

  2. Jessica

    This was beautiful. I have also recently realized that this idea of needing to stick to specific healthy habits has added a lot of anxiety to my life when it is really the intention behind the habits that is most important. I feel so much freer realizing things will evolve and change, while also knowing the intentions important to me to keep in my heart. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Agree! This is beautifully written. I couldn’t agree more about struggling with anxiety around keeping goals and habits. This post is so centering, in that it reminds you to stay focused on the why and the emotional intention behind why we do things that allow us to grow and feel healthy. I needed this today! Thanks as always Jess!

  3. This resonated deeply with me, because I so often do it myself. I form a new habit thinking I MUST continue with it, whether it’s serving me or not. I need to focus on the intention behind the habit. Thanks for this Jess, I love your blog!!

    1. You are most welcome! I am happy to hear that this is helping you, like me, step away from the grip of “have to” and into “being” more fully.

  4. Lesli

    Alright, time to figure out what my center is. Will likely need a consult soon! 🙂

  5. Soundous

    Thanks Jess for your awesome advice! I realized that I was floating through life. I’ll try to keep my intentions in my mind.

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