introducing the “giveaway giveaway”

At last, I am ready to reveal my exciting new monthly giveaway! We have all seen giveaways in the past. Commenting on posts in order to win cool baubles and trinkets is a great way to test our luck and win free swag. When thinking about how to intentionally incorporate a giveaway on Makeunder, a light bulb went off.


As you know, each Friday throughout 2009 I have been divesting myself of something I don’t need/use/love. I have called it the End of the Week Exfoliation. I expected to feel liberated from possessions I would not normally get rid of on a weekly basis. I did not expect that others would follow suit, and begin Exfoliating themselves.

The Giveaway Concept

Every person that emails me a photo and 1-2 sentence blurb about why they are exfoliating the item pictured will be eligible to win the giveaway at the end of the month.

This means:

  • Everyone participating will have the ability to connect with others who are also working to improve their lives and declutter.
  • Exfoliating participants will have a chance to post a link to their own personal blog/website beneath their exfoliation submission, increasing traffic and connections.
  • Participants will also have the opportunity to submit 1 item a week for up to 4 weeks every month. Which means people submitting once a week all month will have four chances to win the giveaway, participants who submit once during the month will have one chance and so forth.
  • Participants are on “scout’s honor” in terms of disposing of their exfoliation items. As a Makeunder community focused on improving our lives, we trust that submissions are genuine.

How to Submit

  1. Send me your exfoliation image to with a 1-2 sentance summary explaining why you are exfoliating the object. Include your blog/website link if you would like that included below the image.
  2. Submissions must be emailed before Thursdays at 12:00PM Eastern Standard Time in order to appear on that week’s Friday Exfoliation.
  3. Submissions are moderated by myself. Inappropriate items will not be posted nor will be eligible for the giveaway.
  4. On the last Friday of every month, a giveaway winner will be randomly selected by a number generator and announced.

April Giveaway Item = $40 Gift Certificate for Jess LC.

So there it is! Please leave any questions you have about the giveaway or email me at

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  1. Eva

    BEST IDEA EVER! …now…where do I start my exfoliation….

  2. danny.

    I threw away two things last week so I think I’m covered. I wish I could exfoliate my huge TV that I don’t really need now that I live in a shoe box. Maybe I’ll craig’s list it…

  3. Jess

    @ Eva: Great! I can’t wait to get your exfoliation item!!

    @ Danny: If you want to sell on Craig’s List you might get lucky. Erwin sold his old boxy tv for $100- which was twice what I thought he would get for it. It could go towards the bike…

  4. pve design

    Another great idea! One fun way to pass things on is to host a lunch or dinner and have your guests bring one item they no longer need, nor want and do a grab bag.
    It really is fun to pass things on and see what we have that another can find a need and a want for.

  5. Jess

    @ PVE: This is a great idea. Maybe we can create some sort of online version of this in the months to come…

  6. Jac

    Love this idea of a Friday exfoliation! I’ll be hunting out something tomorrow to exfoliate and sending you a pic! ūüôā

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