introducing the new dream reporters: kendi and bryan!

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I’m excited to announce that we have a new Dream Reporter duo on MML! After following Piper‘s awesome journey towards starting her own online shop, I’ve decided to tap Kendi and Bryan of Kendi Everyday and Bryan Skeen Photography to continue the inspiring “steps to self-employment” series.

As you may remember, I first got to know the adorable and witty couple via our fall photo shoot. We instantly hit it off and have been the best of (long distance) friends ever since. Over the past few months they have shared their new business idea which combines their talents in an exciting, unique, and ultimately profitable way (they’ll go more into the business specifics next week).

Having Bryan and Kendi contribute to this series will highlight interesting aspects to starting a business that haven’t been represented on MML as much as I’d like. Most obviously, the fact that they are a partnership is going to be a fresh take on running a small company. This also means they will be taking turns each week preparing the Dream Reporter post and will of course share what it’s like to work on a husband and wife team. In addition, they are a service-based business which will have it’s own unique opportunities and obstacles that differ from product-based businesses like Jess LC and One Sydney Road. Throw in the fact that they are both incredibly honest and down-to-earth and you can see why I think they are the perfect pair to follow as they make their dream come true.


Kendi and Bryan’s Dream Report Introduction

Hi! We are Kendi and Bryan Skeen- or, as you will know us for the next few weeks, the new Dream Reporters for Makeunder My Life. Married for almost 3 years now, we been lucky enough to share each others’ hopes, dreams and inevitably laundry. As we begin moving toward making our hopes and dreams a reality (and laundry a necessary evil), we invite you to read along. Although we are very excited to share with you our journey, you must know one thing: We have no idea what we are getting ourselves into. All we know is that we have a dream. Now that that formality is out of the way, let’s get going.

Our journey to figuring out our dream started a few months back, when we met Jess in September for the Diversey look book shoot. She began asking us questions no one had asked before. What is your purpose? What are you doing to achieve that purpose? What are your dreams? (You should have seen her face when Kendi started telling her about this dream she had of a huge rabbit chasing her in a mall. Jess wasn’t talking about those kind of dreams). But by the time we left Chicago, we were thinking in ways that we had not thought before. We were searching for what our purpose was and how we might go about living intentionally to achieve that purpose. There was an obvious void that we were living with. But now it had a name, and it is difficult to ignore something with a name.

An important lesson that we have been lucky enough to learn is that following your dreams is not always the easy route. In fact, more often than not, dreams can feel terrifying and insurmountable, especially at the beginning… and that is OK. Just because something is big and scary does not mean that it is impossible. (Kendi would like me to add that big and scary could also mean a nightmare, so be sure to look long and hard at your dreams before you start pursuing).

So that is where will start, at the beginning of our dream. The bad news is there is a long way to go. The good news is we have each other and all of you. And if you are wondering just what are dreams are made of, wait until next week when we promise to reveal.


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  1. Jill

    Wow…. this is SO exciting! I can’t wait to hear more… seriously! Very exciting!

  2. Gina

    I am so happy you guys are the new dream reporters! Kendi – I have been reading/following your blog for a few months now and loooove it. Can’t wait to tread what’s in store for your dreams + business.

  3. Kendi

    Woohoo! The secret is out, well kind of, ha! I am so excited Jess! Thanks for having us!

  4. Lauren

    This is so exciting! Cannot wait to read along with Kendi and Brian as they start pursuing their dreams and making it a reality!

  5. annie

    yay! i can’t wait to read more~ what a fun and smart choice!

  6. Alexa

    I am so excited that Bryan and Kendi are the new dream reporters. I absolutely adore both their blogs and I can’t wait to find out what their shared dream is! 🙂

  7. Welcome Kendi & Brian! I have been reading Makeunder My Life for quite some time now… but this is my first comment on the site!!! Kind of exciting… hehe. I really enjoy the dream reporter series… very inspirational. I can’t wait to hear more about your dream and how it unfolds!!!

  8. Monica

    Looking forward to this feature! Can’t wait to share your journey with you!

  9. amy

    Aaaaghhh! Kendi!!! Bryan!!!! What a perfect gig for you two. Looking forward to future posts…

  10. Q

    so cool! love the kendi everyday; look forward to it EVERYDAY!

  11. Ashley

    This is basically the place in at in my life right now… I’m starting to think more and more about what my purpose is and how I’m going to live it. It isn’t easy. I’m finding a lot of doubt, but I’m trying to push it to the side in order to do what I love. I can’t wait to read more about Kendi and Bryan’s adventure to create a new career together! 🙂

  12. Debbie

    oh how perfectly timed!! My fiance and are are starting our own “dream-based” business venture together and planning to relocate to make it happen – two months before our wedding next summer!! I can’t wait to follow Kendi and Brian in their journey!

  13. LiveLikeYou

    What a great series. I will definitely check in and read it. Just starting an e-commerce business myslef, been working non stop for 2 years and it’s finally launching in January. Agree with the fortune cookie”the beginning is always the hardest”. At least I hope so!!

  14. Piper

    The secret is out!!! I’m so excited for you guys and to read about your journey now!!!

  15. Deana

    Absolutely adore Kendi and looking forward the getting to know Bryan a little better. Can’t wait to come along on their exciting journey. Great choice Jess!

  16. Kinsey Michaels

    Jess this is my first time visiting your page and I LOVE it! so much inspiration. and i love Kendie’s blog, I think it’s adorable that her and her husband are planning to go into business together, I’m excited to hear what they have planned!

  17. Jonna

    Yay! Two of my favorite people/blogs getting together! I love it and can’t wait to follow along. 🙂

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