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After a summer of product development, I’m proud to share two new Jess LC collections, Quincy and Belmont.

Of course, you can straight to the lookbooks to see the entire launch. But for those who are more patient, I’ll fill you in a bit about the collections (details on the lookbook shoot with Danielle (photographer), Alaina (styling and model), and Liz (model) will come later today).

Quincy iPad Cases

Quincy is our iPad2 case and coin purse collection. My intention behind this collection was to make everyday items pretty. And when it comes to iPad cases, I found that there were many “practical” options and just a few beautiful (and extremely expensive) ones. But none had the colors, protection, price, and style that I was looking for. And so, I set out early this year to develop what I consider the best case on the market for under $100 (we came in $20 below the mark).

The colors, you may notice, are from that little color survey I had you all comment on earlier this spring. I think you all did a great job picking. We went with gold/gray, gold/fuchsia, gray/canary, eggplant/fuchsia, and cocoa/coral. Each one is hand made with real leather in Chicago.

Quincy Coin Purses

And since not everyone needs an iPad case, I also wanted to design another style to this collection which used the awesome color story we created in a different way as well. And these coin purses are the perfect choice. The soft, supple leather and pop of lining is the perfect little place to stash cash, credit cards, iPhones (it fits without the case), or lip gloss. The key ring makes carrying keys and cash simple, and the brass zipper is strong and pretty. Like the iPad cases, they are hand made in Chicago.

I have one in gold and gray and I can’t stop using it. The fact that it’s small enough to fit in all the bags I have and also fits easily into Mr. Lively’s pocket (if I decide not to bring a purse on errands) is ideal.

Belmont Scarves

I have also been hard at work developing scarves for Jess LC as well. Belmont scarves are hand silk screened in Chicago on 100% silk. I was inspired by the classic Greek key pattern and how our logo could be used to create a similar look. I think the overall effect is subtle, but is sophisticated and easy to wear. My own personal wardrobe is filled with many basics, and I find using scarves to add color and pattern is a great way to make simple outfits feel more pulled together instantly.

We chose to go with four color ways, graphite and gold, french blue and light gray, navy and kelly green, and khaki and poppy. Each color is in two styles; as a square and a large rectangle. And to show the variety of ways each can be worn, I whipped up a few cheat sheets.


Phew. I feel like making this post is like having my own version of a Fashion Week runway show. I’ve worked so hard on all of these details and you all have been so incredibly encouraging and patient as I got these collections ready. I am so grateful for all that you have shared. Each encouraging comment, tweet, and email along the way has helped me get to this point.

Thank you. Thank you very much.


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  1. Jill

    Whoa! Huge congrats Jess – all of these pieces look AMAZING and I can definitely see your own style shine through them! I’m off to check out the look books! oxo, Jill

  2. Jessica

    Congrats! Both collections look great and I am sure you are so happy to have them launched! I’m going to have to head over and check out the lookbooks!

  3. maria

    i was debating on getting the ipad2, but your case has probably just made that decision for me!

    well done!

  4. Liz

    Yay, SO excited for you! Everything looks amazing! Thank you for including me in such a wonderful project, I am so honored to be a part of such beautiful collections! So proud of you! xo

  5. Jess, these are beautiful pieces! I love the color combinations, and the quality of everything looks fantastic! Congrats on launching these collections 🙂

  6. Cathy

    LOVE!!! Makes me want to go out and buy an iPad 🙂 And I LOVE the lookbooks! Danielle’s shots are beautiful and Alaina and Liz totally brought the collections to life! Well done!!!

  7. Anja

    OMG! Those are awesome new additions to the JessLC brand! Loving those coin purses and might have to put one on my christmas wishlist 🙂 Those scarves are also really pretty. Loving the light colored rectangular one! Great designs and huge congrats on the launch!!!

  8. jen

    i want that ipad case and i don’t have an ipad…i think that means good things for you! i almost just want to stick my planner in there but I’m not sure if my husband will approve a planner protector. absolutely goregous. a girl can dream!

  9. They’re all SO pretty! The iPad case is stunning & almost makes me want an iPad!

    I love the scarves, too- so classy.

  10. You’ve totally outdone yourself, again! Now I really NEED an ipad2!

    Amazing collection. The next Kate Spade I tell you!


  11. Susan

    Congrats! These look great! I think they’re all great additions to Jess LC. 😀

  12. Laina

    Jess – Congratulations! Everything is gorgeous and I am telling everyone that has an iPad about your case – I’m in love with the design, now I just have to decide which color combo I want 🙂

  13. Sarah vL

    They are super, super gorgeous!!!! Congratulations!!! It makes me want to run out and get an iPad just to buy the case! 😉 I’m in love with everything!!! Congratulations on expanding your horizons!

  14. Jess

    Thank you so much everyone! (I sent you each individual emails in response to your comments, so please check your inboxes.)

    : )

  15. Elizabeth Phelps

    These are lovely. Any plans to make cases for other tablets? I have a Samsung Galaxy so the measurements are a little off, but I LOVE these cases! Congrats!

  16. Wow Jess! These look amazing!!! Especially love the gold ipad case with the pink lining. If I owned an Ipad case I’d definitely be purchasing that case! Also lovin’ the scarves -the logo looks so great as a decorative border. Such a great design!

  17. Jenny

    ADORE the collections! Awesome job Jess – I need an iPad now :o) The scarves are perfection! Fantastic!

  18. Maddie

    Jess, I’m head over heels for everything on this page. I need a new coin purse, so the timing is perfect—and like everyone else, I now want an iPad + case, too!

  19. Jess

    Elizabeth, Thanks so much! No, they are unfortunately not designed for tablets other than the iPad2, so I wouldn’t personally recommend them for a tablet of a different size. Of course you are welcome to purchase it and try, but once used, it cannot be returned or exchanged. : )

  20. Ty

    I want a iPAD2 just so I can buy a case. You did a great job.

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