TLS #52 Mini Edition: How to Hear From Your Intuition Today


Today on the Lively Show, I’m talking about one of my favorite topic’s and answering a listener question, from Emily R., about how to listen to your intuition and know when it is telling you something (or if it is your ego).

This is a huge topic that can literally change the course of your life (it has for me), and gives you access to incredible wisdom and guidance which exist within you.

I’m also going to be sharing two of my favorite ways to get insights from your intuition that you can use today.

This show is perfect for anyone who is feeling confused, frustrated, or lost in a particular area of their lives, or anyone who wants to finally tell the difference between their ego and intuition.







“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” –  Albert Einstein




  • Announcements about the 2015 Life With Intention Online & a surprise I’m cooking up for you next week.
  • How to listen to your intuition.
  • The most important thing to do for people who are just starting to listen to their intuition.
  • How to verbally connect with your intuition.
  • How to write to your intuition for better, fuller clarity.
  • How to know if your intuition is speaking or your ego.
  • How to avoid serious situations your intuition is warning you about and listen to your intuition early on.




Life With Intention Online

With Intention Quick Start Guide

The Power of Now – An amazing book that explores the ego deeper.


My conversation with my intuition  (see below)


A Conversation With My Intuition


{{Backstory: This particular conversation is from many months ago and is about a project I have not yet shared. So for now, the topic is replaced by blanks. When the time is right, I’ll share the whole story.}}


ME: [Intuition], why do I have this inner conflict? What is it about? 

INTUITION: It is about the reason that you are supposed to _______. You are already helping people – but that has grown a bit dim.

And you are happy right now in your comfort zone, at least for a little while.

Just taking the changes that you have made [so far] has left you a bit burned out and moving so fast you weren’t able to really feel safe.

So you kinda put this out of your mind and reveled in a break from the fast pace that you have been on – or at least you think you have been on.

But the truth is that you are ready.

Why I am I supposed to ________? 

Because it will help people. And you.

But I already help people, why _______ specifically?

Because you will connect to them in a deeper way, in a transformative way that you cannot do in one-on-one sessions or on the blog.

Will I really help them? I’m scared.

You are scared of the unknown. You always have been. This just feels bigger to you.

It feels bigger to me because I know that I heard you say it. You told me to ________.

I’ve never asked you before and now it feels big and important and really like if I don’t do it perfectly than I will fail at my purpose.

I will fail at my destiny. 

It is not your destiny to _______. That is a part of your journey and nothing more.

Okay, that takes some pressure off of it. Thanks. 

Also, you cannot fail at it.

As long as you decide to do it and listen to me, it cannot fail. The only way it can fail is if you don’t do it at all.

And even then, you are whole and complete. Nothing is lacking.

Yes. But I know that I’m supposed to ________ and every moment that I don’t do it, it feels farther away.

More distant. More likely to fail.

I’m also scared that it won’t be very good. I don’t feel like I have dominion over the other areas – not like I do the home parts. That I know – but what do I really know about relationships? Children? Career? 

You don’t know. But I do. And if you listen to me I will help you through.

Really? You will? I am going to need a whole bunch of interception.

Will this ______ change my life?

Yes. It will change your life. [Doing] it will change your life more than what happens afterwards.

It will teach you to be dedicated to a longterm project that incorporates massive healing for other people in a way that requires patience and dedication.

Well, I think Jess LC was kinda like that. It required patience and dedication. 

Yes, it did. But it was the income that drove you then. This isn’t about the income.

This ______ will be more about patience and dedication than Jess LC. You are going to have to bring yourself to this day and day out because you believe in it.

It is more challenging this way. A different kind of stress.

The stress you will feel will be because of seeing yourself not align with your own vision of yourself.

Do I really have what it takes to _______? I don’t feel like I’m able to ______ very well. Well, I have had moments of it that were inspired by you. But not in such a sustained way. 

You don’t need it sustained, you need it each day one piece at a time. So don’t worry about it. I will provide the inspiration you need each day.

Enough for one day at a time.

Okay. Will I be happier after this?

You will be happier that you learned to push yourself in a new way. Like running the marathon. It will give you new resources to just keep going on other things in the future.

But the _______ will not fulfill you in the long run.

Nothing will.

Okay. So why should I _______?

Because the pain of not [doing] it now is worse than [doing] it.

Is it? 


How do you know?

Because you are writing to me, aren’t you?


So there you go.

You want to [do] it so badly you’d talk to your gut for several pages just to help you overcome the resistance you feel.

But what if I don’t have enough ______ [for the project]? 

You will find them.

You really want me to [do] this, don’t you?


Okay then. Please work through me. 








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This Post Has 35 Comments

    1. Jess Lively

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Kate! I hope you get a chance to try the writing exercise sometime soon. : )

  1. Stephanie

    Really liked this episode! I’ve done the writing exercise before and it absolutely provides clarity. I feel/hear my intuition in my heart. This may sound weird but when I tap into it and listen, I really feel it almost echoing. Not sure that makes sense. Really neat!

    1. Jess Lively

      I’m so glad you shared your experience with the writing exercise! I love that you hear it echoing. That’s so cool. : )

  2. Erica

    I find this so confusing… I want to understand, but I just don’t get how you hear these different things. If we knew the right answers via intuition, wouldn’t the answers be more clear rather than struggling for months, even years over certain decisions? I don’t get how you really, truly understand what the right decisions are or how to hear both sides of the conversation. I’m starting to think ALL I ever hear is ego and intuition is trapped somewhere I can’t hear it…

    1. Jess Lively

      Hi Erica, thank you for your questions! Have you tried doing the writing exercise yourself yet? I’m not sure if that helped, but a lot of people do find it easier once they’ve given it a try.

      I’ll also say that I personally began to really separate the two different voices during that breakup when I found myself feeling two entirely different ways about the same situation. One part of me was calm and peaceful, the other was crazy frustrated! Being in that split mind for so many months really helped me start to pull the two voices apart and tell the difference between them. This writing exercise is just another way to get clarity when the mind is so attached to the ego thinking.

      And the more that I practice paying attention internally to the voices and thoughts I’m having, the more I can separate the two sources. It is a slow process (at least for me). I’ve been working on this for 4 years and I still spend a lot of time in the ego.

      I think it might be helpful, if you want to go deeper in this work, to read The Power of Now. It’s a great book that goes into a lot of depth about the ego.

      I hope this helps! And please realize, you are not alone!

  3. Danielle

    Hey Jess,
    Do you have any advice for finding your intuition specifically with people who have anxiety and depression? One of the most challenging things for me when dealing with those is that I have more trouble trusting myself. You mention intuition is often felt/heard in your heart or gut, but anxiety and depression affect my heart and gut in negative ways (heart racing, gut sense of doom, nausea) so it’s especially hard for me to hear my intuition when I need it most. Any tips?

    1. Jess Lively

      I can imagine it must be tough, Danielle, and though I would definitely say I’ve faced my own amounts of worry, possibly bordering on or full out anxiety in the past, I can’t speak to depression or clinical anxiety firsthand or with any of my clients (as far as they’ve told me).

      However, I have some ideas: if you find yourself getting most flustered in your chest when things aren’t feeling good, I’d focus more on your gut, stomach area instead. I’d definitely say that the majority of my clients have been “gut” people, instead of heart people, so there’s a chance you may fall in that group along with us. And by redirecting your attention deeper than the anxious feelings in your chest, that might help. At least a little bit.

      Another thing I’d suggest is to try to meditate or get into a calm, clear mental state before asking for insights. A rushing mind that is caught up in anxiety, for example, is going to be so “loud” inside us that we won’t be able to hear the still, quiet, peaceful voice deeper inside.

      One of my one-on-one clients last week suggested a few other tips to help:

      – Don’t just assume the answer that sounds good is really coming form your intuition. That could be the ego trying to fill in the blanks with what it thinks it should want.
      – Don’t feel like you have to act on what you hear right away, just be there to hear what it has to say for now. That is enough.
      – Listen for the answer, even if it scares you. Sometimes it can feel like the answer you’d tell your best friend who wouldn’t judge you, or a therapist.

      I hope this helps! And if these things aren’t helping, I think working with someone who is skilled in this can be quite helpful. : )

  4. Ashley Johnson

    I just listened to this episode again. I call myself a creative nerd; I have a very creative side, but am also super science-y. It’s a challenge to find the balance. When I try to listen to my Intuition my Ego always counters with “But what if…”, there are a myriad of ‘buts’ in the conversation.

    My true question to you is simply this… How long do you wait for an answer from your Intuition?

    I’m a person that likes to make decisions, and move forward with a plan. My intuition is, currently, slow to respond. Sometimes I just feel like I can’t wait for it.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Jess!

    Ashley 🙂

    1. Jess Lively

      Hi Ashley, this is a great question! Without working with you one-on-one, it’s hard to say exactly what might be an issue, or what might really help you out.

      But, overall, I’d say that maybe trying to practice mindfulness, like in meditation, might be a way to start to observe and watch the ego voice inside without attaching your own beliefs to it so much. And in the process, the intuition might become a clearer voice and respond over time in a more natural way.

      It might sound strange, but I really think it might just be about building the muscle of awareness and telling the difference between the two – and mediation is the most effective way I’ve found to train that muscle. : )

      PS – I’m going to be sharing a guided meditation from my own meditation teacher soon – so you can start there, if you like! I also like these ones a lot:

      1. Ashley Johnson

        Thanks Jess, I appreciate your response and great advice.
        It does make sense.
        Can’t wait for the guided meditation from your teacher 🙂

  5. Kelli

    Jess – just took LWIO with you and never did do this exercise. Now whenever I’m feeling compelled to do it it’s always when I’m tired. I am not sure if that’s a good time to engage in this, or if it’s actually a REALLY good time. Do you have thoughts on if it’s better to do the writing exercise when well-rested or when tired? LOL, can you tell from this question that I might be having some resistance around this?! I feel a bit ridiculous even asking.

    1. Hi Kelli, great question! I think you might be hitting the nail on the head when you mention you think there might be ego-resistance to trying this! I’d opt for: when in doubt, try it out! See what happens by trying it whenever you get the inkling that you should.

      Don’t let the ego steal those moments when you want clarity the most by making excuses to keep you stuck in darkness and confusion because you might not have “ideal circumstances.” It’ll always find a reason that this moment isn’t ideal.

      Good luck, keep an open mind + heart, and remember to wait + listen for the answers (rather than letting the ego fill in the blanks).

  6. Hi Jess. Thank you for all of your thorough responses to our questions. I’m wondering if there’s a “standard” set of questions to ask the intuition, or is the best practice to ask the q’s that come to mind depending on what we’re asking. Thanks! xox.

    1. No, there aren’t any standard questions. I like to start mine with, “Why am I so upset/worried/nervous/scared about _____?” and then go from there. : )

  7. Pia Kar

    My intention for 2017 is to get know my intuition better. This is such a great podcast that really helped me understand the different “voices” in my head and body, and how to distinguish them. Thanks so much!

  8. Nicole Adams

    Hey Jess, at about the 9 minute mark in this podcast you start talking about the 3 markers of the intuition – I heard you say 1&2 –
    1) it will feel peaceful
    2) it will be present moment focused
    I never caught the 3rd marker though. What was that?

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