What is Intuitive Dating?

Intuitive Dating is a 7-week course designed to unravel old stories your mind may be carrying that make dating feel harder than it needs to be. We’ll uncover the ways we’ve been taught to think about relationships and create space for the Inner Voice to show us a different way of approaching romantic connections. 

At the end of the course, you will have a deeper understanding of how your mind and Inner Voice can work together to eliminate stress and anxiety and have more fun while finding new connections and moving forward in romantic relationships. 

Course Overview

Over the course of 7 weeks, we’ll cover:

  • What it feels like to love from the Inner Voice vs. the mind
  • What love is to the Inner Voice, and what a healthy relationship looks like 
  • How societal norms and media portrayals influenced the mind’s perception of dating
  • What roles you were conditioned to “play” in relationships to earn love
  • What your personal triggers are in relationships
  • How the Inner Voice can work with your mind to influence romantic relationships 


Intuitive Dating is currently in progress! Join the Lively Community app to be the first to find out about future rounds. 

Meet Hannah & Emily

Hannah Nichols

I love helping people connect their body, mind and inner being! As an artist, I love using creative approaches to weave together different modalities and experiences for clients in the highest way I can! I have special knowledge in areas of disordered eating and past lives. If your inner being calls, I would love to play together! 

Emily Socha

My mind has a background in psychology / coaching and movement modalities including mobility and yoga but my Inner Being knows no bounds. My Inner Voice is helping me to break free from the rules and limitations of the mind and wants to help you to do the same.