The answers to life's
questions are within you

What You'll Learn

For more than a decade, Jess has fine-tuned her deep inner voice work with hundreds of clients worldwide to help people receive the personalized guidance their minds seek and to live as their own inner voice.

Thanks to the intense encouragement of her inner voice clients and online students, she has developed IVFT to teach and train others her approach, so they could do this themselves as a business or for their family and friends.

Now you can help clients and loved ones go beyond their minds, receive personalized inner guidance, experience unwavering peace, and release what Jess calls “emotional bean bags” from the mental/emotional body.

Whether you are interested in providing inner voice sessions for others as a full or part-time career, you want to expand your skills and training for your existing coaching practice, or you want to deepen your own connection with your intuition personally (or as a parent), this training will teach you all you need to know and provide the deeply supportive IVFT community. 

Please reach out to with any questions. 

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    "Try IVFT for Free" Mini-Course

    Want to hear about IVFT from our recent graduates? Join us for our ‘Try IVFT for Free’ Mini-Course! This two-part course is designed to give you a taste of the IVFT experience, and answer any lingering questions your mind may have!

    During the first recording, you’ll experience what it’s like to have a coaching call with Jess and get a taste of what it feels like to be in IVFT. Then on the second call, you’ll hear from Jess and IVFT grads around the world all about their experiences during and after completing IVFT. 

    Live calls took place on Tuesday, Oct. 12 and Wednesday, Oct. 13  2021 at 12:00 PM EDT, but you have access to the recordings for those who are unable to join live. 

    Try IVFT for Free” Recording One➝

    Try IVFT for Free” Recording Two➝


    The payment plan option will be charged automatically 30 days from the first purchase for 2 payments total. 


    How can I use IVFT training after I graduate?

    We have had graduates use their certification in a variety of ways. Some provide traditional, classic inner voice sessions to their clients in a full or part-time career, while others combine these techniques within other healing or coaching modalities. Our previous graduates have combined Inner Voice work with their intuitive eating coaching, RTT, and body work.

    If you do not wish to do this professionally, this training is also for you to deepen your own connection to your intuition and to know how to help others do the same.

    What if I cannot attend the sessions live?

    All of the calls will be recorded and available for you to watch at any time.

    You will also be part of a smaller group for practice with a Squad Leader who is there to support you. Between the recordings and the community, you will not be required to attend each session live; however you will coordinate with your Squad members for practice and implementation. 

    What is the format of IVFT?

    During weekly training calls, Jess will be taking you through the IVFT curriculum to prepare you for certification. You will also be part of a “squad,” a smaller group of peers, led by an alumni of IVFT for additional support, practice, and community. 

    The teaching sessions will be held via Zoom, the recordings will be uploaded to Podia, and you will be part of an exclusive IVFT group within the Lively Community app. The app group is ongoing, even after you graduate, so you can remain connected with other IVFT grads from prior and future rounds. 


    "IVTF offers so much more than training! Jess is an incredible teacher and mentor who will support you through your own emotional bean bags, who will take the time to guide you to your own inner voice in big ways, and who is incredibly generous in the ways that she shares her experience and learnings so that you get to be the best IV facilitator ever. IVTF has allowed me to bring so many new ideas to life, business and personal alike, and to expand my mindset - as well as my clients."

    Alexia C.  |  Inner Voice Facilitator 

    "I have never felt more called to sign up for something than Inner Voice Facilitator Training. It was a full body yes before I hit "Enroll" and that feeling has grown throughout the experience of becoming certified. The course was simple and beautiful, Jess is lovely and a fantastic teacher, and the other attendees are some of the coolest humans I've met. I can't wait to see what unfolds next."

    Emily S.  |  Inner Voice Facilitator 

    Inner Voice Facilitator Testimonial Image 6
    Gyan Gurung - IVFT Testimonial

    "IVFT has been the single most life changing thing I've ever done. Jess shares her knowledge and experience without holding anything back. The energy with which she led the training made the whole experience so enjoyable and a total bliss.

    IVFT is a gift that keeps on giving - the real impact of which goes much beyond the new business I now have and the wonderful clients I get to work with. IVFT might seem like a new skill to add to your toolkit, but be prepared, you may just find your whole life transformed in the process!"

    Gyan Gurung | Inner Voice Facilitator

    "I had no idea what an incredible group of like-minded professionals I would end up meeting, from all over the world, in every walk of life, but all the most aligned business people I've ever known. It's been such a joy to get to know them, and on a deeper level than before, myself too."

    Slade P.  |  Inner Voice Facilitator

    Inner Voice Facilitator Training Testimonial Image 2
    Inner Voice Facilitator Training Testimonial Image

    "Going deeper and deeper in my practice with Jess and my classmates has been completely transformative. And now, getting to bring this work to others and help them go deeper is beyond words. 100%, without a doubt, the most beautiful gift. Thank you, thank you!"

    Ali R.  |  Inner Voice Facilitator

    "This class was such a beautiful experience. Hearing my own inner voice and the inner voices of so many others, along with the support and guidance of Jess, was one of the most calming, clarifying experiences I've ever had. And on top of that, now I get to make a living talking to Inner Voices, and I don't think anything could be more fun than that!"

    Jen P.  |  Inner Voice Facilitator


    Inner Voice Facilitator Training Testimonial Image 4
    Inner Voice Facilitator Training Testimonial Image 5

    "This training was a game-changer for me. My business already revolved around teaching people to go inward and access their inner wisdom. Flow brought me exactly what I needed! Since I started the training to deeper my own relationship to my Inner Voice, I never expected the flow that it would bring to my business. So excited for the next chapter and to expose more people to this magical gift of self-trust and knowing!"

    Dana E.  |  Inner Voice Facilitator

    "IVFT has been an incredible experience for me both personally and professionally! As a business coach, I have tapped into a new level of holding space for my clients & have felt so empowered by the space Jess has created for each of us to innovate within our areas of specialty. Personally, I have also grown so much! I've released emotional energy holding me back, deepened into my own inner voice practice immensely & made heart-opening connections I hope I will have for life. If you're called to this work, follow the call, you won't regret it! Thank you Jess & the IVFT team!"

    Leticia R.  |  Inner Voice Facilitator