TLS #193: Career, Parenting & Life With Intention Online

In honor of the final live round of Life With Intention Online registration closing tomorrow (January, 27), in today’s episode we are speaking to LWIO alumni, Jackie Carter of

Jackie is a mother, business owner, and all around awesome person who has seen some dramatic shifts in her life thanks to implementing what she learned in Life With Intention Online.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about the impact Values-based intentions can have on their life or for anyone looking to learn more about LWIO.





  • Jackie tells us about how she started her career in TV and how it flipped to entrepreneurship soon after having her first child.

  • She discusses in depth how her life changed soon after her first child, new business and on to the second child and how that prompted her to take Life With Intention Online.

  • Jackie mentions one of the reasons she took the class the first time was because she was having a hard time being truly happy or content with her life.

  • She realized that she wanted a lot of her life and needed to figure out how she needed to be happy with what she has already.

  • Jackie talks about how she studied the four areas of life: possessions, personal habits, relationships and career.

  • She describes the fact that she has noticed a difference in her life and others have also seen the change and growth as well.

  • Jackie tells us who Life With Intention Online is good for and why it is so helpful for many people.




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