TLS #242: Exploring Consciousness & Healing Eyesight Naturally with Jacob Lieberman

Today’s Lively Show is a bit of a dream come true! The same day the episode aired (a few weeks back) about healing my eyesight naturally, I received an email from Jacob Lieberman, the author of Take Off  Your Glasses and See, which inspired this eyesight journey!

Jacob offered to come on TLS to discuss his own journey with healing his eyesight and also discuss how he perceives consciousness from the expanded perspective he now has on the subject(!).

During the second half of the conversation, we go into some deep territory around consciousness – this had me learning and expanding my own understanding on these subjects quite a bit.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn how Jacob healed his eyesight naturally, tips for doing it ourselves, or for anyone looking to hear a fascinating perspective on consciousness.








  • Jacob describes his story of how he believed he had a problem learning since he had so many issues reading and comprehending books in school.

  • He recounts a time when after meditating, he began to see, both mentally and physically better and was astonished at what had happened.

  • Jacob talks about his journey to research his vision experience to improve his eyesight and he began to dig deeper into the workings of the mind and consciousness.

  • He discusses how the mind is so incredibly powerful and that it creates and maintains both truths and beliefs which play a part in seeing and comprehending.

  • Jacob says that by removing one’s glasses allows for the journey of discovery to proceed, which is priceless in his opinion.

  • He mentions that most of us are living life to our ideas rather than our direct experience.

  • Jacob describes how our unconscious provides the inspiration for us to fulfill our purpose for being.




Take Off  Your Glasses and See

Marisa Peer






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  1. Monica

    I had been trying this for about a week before I listened to the show this morning! I am so excited to keep moving forward with this! I ruined my eyesight with reading glasses, but feel healing happening! Thank you! Flowing onward….

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