TLS #231: Exploring Relationships: Roles, Male Vulnerability, Overcoming Guilt & Entrepreneurship with James Williams

Today on TLS we are talking all things relationship related with coach, James Williams.

James is a high performance coach, and has a lot of experience with relationships between female entrepreneurs and their male partners.

In today’s episode, James is sharing the trends he’s noticed in relationship roles, how masculinity and vulnerability can work together, what creates a truly powerful couple, and a powerful practice that can take positive relationships to the next level.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to hear a conversation around the concepts of inter-dependence, male vulnerability, shifting relationship roles, and taking positive relationships to the next level.






  • James tells us about his fascination with people and human performance in both life and business and how that grew into his current career.

  • He discusses the reasons his coaching business is focused on relationships and how most of it is comprised of female entrepreneurs.

  • James describes the concepts of independence and inter-dependence and how they are important and relate to each other.

  • He talks about how recognizing strengths and weakness is essential to all relationships.

  • James shows how to keep your independence when you are so connected to others and other aspects of your life.

  • He discusses the effects the male partner has on the female entrepreneur.

  • James tells us the reasons why redefining the male and female roles in a relationship can be so helpful.

  • He presents the concepts of insecurity and vulnerability, including the less discussed male-vulnerability.

  • James tells us that we need to take responsibility for what we feel we are not resonating with and be empowered to make that change.

  • He describes what quantum leaps are to him and why these huge strides they are so important to our personal growth.




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  1. Mollie Marrocco

    I LOVED this episode! I listened to it twice because James has such incredible insights that spoke to exactly where I am in life right now. It was so amazing to see that I am not alone with the struggles that I have, and the feelings that are coming up for me. I have been an Emily Williams fan for the past few years so I was pleasantly surprised to find that her and Jess were friends! Thank you James for all of your insight! And thank you Jess for another amazing episode.

  2. I really appreciated the discussion at the end about food sensitivity and I’m glad you’ll be exploring this idea further in another episode. I’ve never thought about how energy or intentions could intersect with food or health issues but it’s definitely something I want to learn more about.

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