TLS #190: Your questions answered – Getting into alignment, Myers-Briggs, ego flare ups, & more

Today’s batch of questions was the largest ever! I am spending an hour talking on a wide range of subjects…

… From how to find alignment and set emotional frequency, how to handle ego flare ups, what to do about difficult co-workers, how Myers-Briggs affects flow (plus, why my own MB type changed), tips for picking good Airbnbs, and much more.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking for a random assortment of subjects – with a special emphasis on flow, intuition, and travel.






  • When’s your next course?!

  • How do you find flow with certain goals that may have deadlines or only possible in certain life seasons?

  • What are your favorite things in Australia so far?

  • How do you raise your vibrations? What are the techniques? Do you meditate, do you journal? How do you decide on your emotional state? How does trying to get into alignment look like for you?

  • I am interested in taking one of your classes this year and would like to know more about how I should choose one or the other.

  • How you keep from getting intimidated by new experiences?

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

  • What are your thoughts on flow in how it relates to personality – particularly Myers-Briggs? How is flow different than personality? Could a high-P person not be in flow while a high-J person could?

  • What was your Myers-Briggs type before and what is it now  and what your thoughts on it at this point?

  • What do you do when you love what you’re doing (work) but your environment (people) is just bringing you down?

  • What advice do you have for people getting used to listening to their intuition? How would you combat the constant pull back from that side of us that doesn’t want to separate itself from the ego?

  • Do you have any advice on how I can hear my intuition in a more clear and recognizable way?

  • What do you do when you recognize that your ego is flaring up? Do you have any tips or tricks for returning to alignment when in the middle of an ego flare-up?

  • What do you think is the connection between flow and the intuition?

  • Could you walk us through your typical day?

  • How scripted are your podcasts? Do you just have an outline, or do you write out every word beforehand?

  • Do you sometimes cry in the middle of the night when surrounded by an issue or problem? And if so, how do you get yourself balanced after?

  • I’m still having trouble channeling my inner passions and expressing them to others. Any suggestions?

  • Does the ego ever get more quiet or do you ever get more comfortable following intuition?

  • How do you know if your intuition is speaking to you, or if you’re fooling yourself with safe answers coming from the ego?

  • Throughout your travels, have you ever struggled with having one of those days where you just want to sit in your AirBnB and do absolutely nothing but lay in bed and watch Netflix all day? Do you allow yourself to have that kind of downtime, or do you feel as if you should be constantly getting out and exploring whichever place you’re visiting? How do you find that balance?

  • What are your travel plans in Australia? How do you plan where you want to go and for how long?

  • As a small business owner, are you able to deduct all this travel and expenses from your taxes?

  • Has the book on work and worth has been put on hold? Any plans to continue work on it and publish?

  • Any tips/tricks for finding a great Airbnb? Could you share some of your favorites?

  • Can you talk more about the influence you have received from Oprah in your life?



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Alignment Workshop

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  1. AndThenISawStars

    Hi Jess – I know that you typically offer “lifetime” access for LWIO. If one purchases LWIO, do they have lifetime access to both LWIO and FWIO? If the lifetime access is restricted to just one course, are you considering offering any “package” deals for people interested in both courses? I think it would be interesting to compare and contrast the two separate sets of guidance.

    1. Hi there! These are great Q’s!!

      Yes, LWIO is still lifetime access- there will be the final round this Feb that is “live” (aka: includes live coaching calls) and you will have 100% access to the content after this class wraps up (aka: the modules will always be active and you’ll have the recordings of coaching calls from this round and past live rounds to listen to whenever you want). After this final live class in Feb, LWIO will become a do-it-yourself course that will be available/for sale all year.

      FWIO: Flow is my new bi-annual live course, so you get lifetime access to the content and future live rounds (in Feb/Oct each year for the foreseeable future). In between the live rounds in Feb/Oct the content will remain live and active for members to use whenever they want, too.

      LWIO + FWIO = yes, you will be able to signup for both classes this round ONLY with a $197 savings — which will be the most affordable way to do both classes.

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