TLS #137: Fulfilling Your Soul in a different, creative way & Impostor Syndrome with Jasmine Star


Today I’m pumped to bring you a goose-bump inducing interview with Jasmine Star, a top-rated lifestyle photographer, branding and marketing strategist, and one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen perform live.

Jasmine and I are diving into a variety of subjects including impostor syndrome, dealing with criticism from fans or family, intuition, and launching new creative projects to stay inspired.  

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear an inspiring story of going for your dreams without formal training, facing fears and feedback, and staying inspired after you’ve established your career.









  • Jasmine tells us how she was unhappy with her current direction in her life and how it took her mother’s medical condition to make her realize what was important to her.

  • She describes how she realized that once she was able to question her happiness and acknowledge herself, she was then able to make profound changes in her life.

  • Jasmine believes it was her mother’s illness that changed the trajectory of her life and career path.

  • She tells us that it was the positive encouragement from her husband that made her feel confident to do something she loved and had passion for, which became her photography.

  • Jasmine talks about attracting and repelling and that we need to do things fully and for ourselves first and foremost.

  • She mentions that creating new and “side” projects helps fulfill her inner core of what she does best.

  • Jasmine discusses the imposter syndrome and how we need to tell ourselves and others that we are truly unique, with our own set of values and a voice that is entirely our own.

  • She tells us that we all own the ability to ask others, friends and family, for support in our choices and our lives.




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  1. Camilla Jorvad

    I am a wedding photographer myself, and started following Jasmine’s blog years ago, back when she was still a newbie just like me. It has been an immense pleasure following her and her business evolve over the past 8 years, also on Creative Live. And she has been a huge inspiration and a big comfort along the way, knowing that I was not alone in my struggles. I don’t follow her as much anymore, as many of her specific business strategies do not fit me and my business and type of client, but I will forever feel that we grew up ‘together’ as business owners and her strength and drive continues to amaze and motivate me. I am happy to see that she continues to inspire photographers all around the world 🙂

  2. Lizelly

    I’m halfway through listening and just had to stop and comment… in short: this is my FAVORITE podcast to date. (that may be a big declaration on my part, but in this moment of my life, I know THIS is what I needed to hear.)

    I’m in such a hormonal/emotional state right now, that I my brain can’t quite process everything Jasmine is saying, buy my intuition is on high telling me I have to listen to this again and again to soak in all the goodness and inspiration Jasmine is offering.

    May you continue to be brave and blessed, Jasmine, to follow and fulfill all your hearts desires!! … so that we, in turn, can be inspired to do the same. 😉

    Thanks you two!!

    1. This is wonderful to hear, Lizelly! It’s great to hear that you heard this right when your heart needed it. : )

  3. RLBOSTON2014

    I’m listening to this episode right now and to take the quote a step further…it’s possible to fail at something you hate. I’m now, at 53, pursuing what I love!

  4. Lisa Villano

    Just Amazing… after listening intently, and experiencing each emotion presented, I can say with confidence…”God is Not found in a Building, but in the Heart of those who dare to Be Themselves!!! Kudos to You Both, and thank you for sharing this with the rest of us… #FeelingInspiredEnlightenAndElated 😉

  5. Martha G

    This episode was so inspiring. I truly love all your episodes but this is one I know I will listen to again and again. One of my favorites. It just blew me away. Especially the quote of “i’d rather see you fail at something you love…..”

  6. clevergirlfinance

    I’ve followed Jasmine Star for years! From my past life as a wedding photographer to what I currently do now and she’s always stood true! I remember the beginnings of her first wedding blog – she was one of my first inspirations. This episode was amazing in so many ways. Jasmine is honest and sincere. She shared some real TRUTHS!! If you don’t mind i’d like to share this episode on my blog! Thank you!

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