TLS #176: Uncovering the deeper meaning behind intention resistance with Jennaea Gearhart


Today’s show is based on another LWIO Module 4 interview with LWIO member and interior designer, Jennaea Gearhart of

In the episode, Jennaea begins by sharing a Values-based intention for her wardrobe… and through our discussion we uncover a much deeper and more meaningful issue beneath the resistance to this intention.

I believe that Jennaea’s story is a powerful example of how to look beyond the resistance we may have to a certain area of our life in order to uncover a more impactful issue.

This episode is perfect for anyone who has resistance to living an intention in their lives and is unsure about how to move forward.






  • Jennaea tells us why she needed intentions in her life and how that helped her identity what her core Values are.

  • She describes how she wanted to life her life with purpose.

  • Jennaea talks about her possessions intention and resistance that surrounded that intention.

  • She tells us about her issues with her wardrobe and why many of her clothes are not being worn.

  • Jennaea describes her timeline and action steps to get to her Value-based intention with her wardrobe.

  • She discusses aspects of her life and realizes her true Values are about her horses and riding.

  • Jennaea uncovers another big resistance in her life, which is the interaction with her mother and how that has influenced her life.



Writing to your Intuition

The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees

The Soul of Discipline by Kim John Payne






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  1. Claire Donahue

    Hi Jess, really love your podcast. I am listening to the newest and totally understand Jennaea’s dilemna, especially the change in clothing requirements after mom-hood, weight gain, and different requirements for looking casually professional. I want to pass along a local reference for her. About 5 years ago I worked with Jill Swanson, she’s in Minneapolis area (I’m on the west coast! I flew out to work with her.) Perhaps Jeannea might want to connect with Jill? I had a great experience rethinking my wardrobe and getting rid of things that no longer serve my current life. You can find out more about Jill here …

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