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Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments about MML and your awesome suggestions for the upcoming intentional jewelry for Jess LC. There were 177 comments, some with as many as five intention message suggestions! Needless to say, I am going to need to do a little searching and come up with common themes that surfaced throughout many suggestions in order to narrow down the submissions to around 20. Then I’ll post those ideas here on MML and we can vote on which ones you’d be personally interested in buying or wearing. From there, we will narrow down the selection to the six most universal phrases.

But as you know, there was also a little giveaway attached to this post for two $100 Jess LC gift certificates… (I apologize right now, I had such a cute little graphic for all of this but my server seems to be acting funky and I can’t upload any new images which aren’t already on MML).

#2 – Marie

“how fun to read these comments! My message would be “together” – a daily reminder about community and the strength of relationships.”

#111 – WDT

“Your blog is the first I check everyday…I love it. Thank you and congratulations on a wonderful first year.
My mantra for 2010 is “breathe”. 2010 brought lots of changes and new schedules and added stressors, so I am trying to remember to breathe, come back to my intention for the day and do it gracefully. So that is my submission for a necklace: breathe.”

And as much as I’d love to comment and email every single person who suggested an intentional phrase, that is not in the best interests of my sanity and so I will say this to everyone who participated:

Thank you so much for your kind comments, and suggestions. Without your support and encouragement throughout the year, I may very well have abandoned MML. Sometimes it’s not easy for me to post and share five days a week, but your emails and comments help me to continue to grow and push myself to share the message of MakeunderMyLife. Your intentional phrases were touching and in so many cases, incredibly personal. I loved hearing your stories and I hope we will be able to compile a jewelry collection that speaks to your intentions for your life.

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