the lively show: writing, cookbooks, & fun reads with jessica merchant (how sweet eats)


Today’s guest on The Lively Show was nominated by you!

After a string of tweets all asking me to have Jessica Merchant of the popular food blog, How Sweet Eats, on the show, I knew that I needed to make it happen.

Thankfully, Jessica made time in her schedule to chat with me about her pregnancy, upcoming cookbook, blog story, favorite books, and must-watch TV shows.

This episode is fun and light (with a bunch of great advice for bloggers).

In the show, you’ll see how authentic, fun, and hard working Jessica really is.

This show is perfect for fans of fun reads, writing, or who are interested in blogging full-time. 







  • How Jessica became a full-time blogger.
  • The blog income method that she used to go full-time and still relies on (hint: it’s not sponsored content).
  • Jessica’s advice for those juggling a day job and their dream job.
  • What writing a cookbook has been like for Jessica.
  • The next chapter Jessica would like to have in her career.
  • Jessica’s fave “chick lit” and non-fiction authors.
  • Jessica’s pregnancy experience so far.
  • What Jessica would tell someone just starting out on this journey.




Jessica’s new book: Seriously Delish

Pioneer Woman

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels

The Girls from Corona del Mar

Emily Griffin

Elin Hilderbrand

Rainbow Rowell

Kristin Hannah


The Cat Who Books

Bird by Bird


Masters of Sex

Orphan Black

Orange is the New Black







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  1. Oh yes! I’m so psyched to listen to this podcast. Jessica is awesome. I’m also excited to see that your podcasts are on Stitcher now! Just added you to my favorites.

    1. I’m glad you are pumped about Jessica’s episode (it’s a ton of fun!). And I’m glad you are into Stitcher — it’s nice to know that people want that format, too. : )

  2. Can’t wait for this episode. I literally chatted a friend as soon as I saw “did you see who’s the guest on the Lively Show this week? Can you say ‘dream episode’?”

  3. Taylor Ridling

    I have never heard of Jessica’s blog but she is so sweet and charming.


    1. I’m glad you discovered Jessica and her blog today, Taylor!

      Thanks for seconding the Orphan Black pick, too!

  4. Venessa

    Jess! Love your podcast! I have quick question and i don’t know if this is the right place to ask but you talked about one’s ego as like an outside force effecting oneself. Is there a blog post you have explained this in the past? You’ve mentioned it in past podcast. Just curious. Thank you!

  5. Seneca Hart

    Super fun podcast! Absolutely watch Orphan Black, too 🙂

  6. molly yeh

    this was so wonderful! the perfect end to my day 🙂 (history crush = mozart??)

  7. jmr224

    good morning, Jess! loved getting to know a more personal side of you – the cat who tidbit was such a darling look into your life! i loved reading biographies as a child – Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Blackwell, & Harriet Tubman were at the top of my list (and remain inspirations to me!).

    1. Jess Lively

      That is so great to hear! I like your history heroes, too!

      Anything in particular that you’d like to share that we might not know about any of the ladies you mentioned?

  8. Rebecca

    So I know I’m super late to this but I’ve just found HowSweetEats a few months ago and have been compusively reading back ‘episodes’ of her blog and made it here. I LOVE THE CAT WHO… BOOKS TOO! My grandmother introduced them to me in elementary school/middle school and I own all of them and reread them probably once every other year or so!

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