TLS #74: How to Get the Most Out of Your “Fringe” Hours with Jessica Turner (The Mom Creative)


Today on the Lively Show, I’m speaking with Jessica Turner of the blog, The Mom Creative, and author of The Fringe Hours.

As a busy wife, mom (of three little ones), and blogger with a full-time job, Jessica is often asked how she makes time for self care and several passions amidst her busy schedule. The Fringe Hours became an answer to this question from Jessica’s experience as well as the lives of 2,000 other women across the country.

In the show, we’ll discuss what the fringe hours are, how we can find them in our own schedules, and how to overcome a few core limiting beliefs that can prevent us from prioritizing self-care.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is feeling burned out, empty from a lack of self-care, or frustrated by the concept of finding balance in their lives. 






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  • What inspired Jessica to write her book, The Fringe Hours.
  • The importance of leaving space in our schedules.
  • How and when to say “no.”
  • How to avoid and overcome comparison to people we know personally or follow online.
  • Why envy can be a helpful and powerful emotion.
  • What Jessica believes is “the new perfect.” 
  • How she makes time for her passions every day despite her busy schedule.
  • How to find time during your day to do things you enjoy.
  • How she overcame her own doubts to write her book.
  • What Jessica would tell someone just starting out on this journey.




Jessica’s blog, The Mom Creative

The Fringe Hours

Shauna Niequist on entertaining






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  1. Emily

    Loved this episode! I look forward to listening to the Lively show every Thursday.

  2. Claire @CelebrateCreation

    I listened to this during my drive into work this morning and really enjoyed it. Am going to check out Jessica’s book now. Thanks for creating and sharing this podcast!

  3. kristie

    Hi Jess!

    Thanks so much for your podcast! I am a loyal listener via Stitcher but the most recent episode on there is #71. For some reason, neither the Stitcher app nor their website (I clicked on link above) is up to date. I thought you might want to be made aware of this if you didn’t already know!

    1. I’m glad this hit home for you, Allison! Cheers to a few more fringe hours for your self care. : )

  4. Keli

    Jess – I found your podcast on iTunes a couple weeks ago as I was searching for a new one to listen to. I am now on a livelyshow binge!! Thank you for all the amazing podcasts and the work you put into them. I love them all, especially the “mommy” ones (haha)…but I also REALLY loved the capsule wardrobe episodes!! I could go on and on, but instead I’ll just leave you some nice feedback on iTunes. 🙂

    1. Hi Keli! I’m so glad you found The Lively Show on iTunes and have been loving it so much. : )


  5. Jaclyn Carter

    Loved this entire episode!! Listened to it during my fringe hours before I even knew they were my fringe hours!! Great interview! I loved when Jessica talked about how she loved throwing parties and other people’s reaction to that. I loved how it was so obvious she is doing what makes her happy and living life the way she wants to. Good enough is the new perfect!!! I love her importance on self care! You sold me, I’m buying the book asap!!!

    1. I’m so happy to hear you resonated so much with Jessica’s thoughts on Fringe Hours, party throwing, and more.

      I hope you enjoy the book itself as much, if not more. : )

  6. Wow. So inspiring. I love it when you can get a lot out of someone’s philosophy, even when your life looks way different! For example, I have five little children and know I am called to family first. I would feel like I was violating myself if I sent them off to daycare (or grandma’s) so I could work full time. That means that we live on less–way less–than most people, not having many things that people would consider a “given” or a “basic.” But we have awesome children and I am so at peace knowing they have access to me all the time: I really missed that with my mom growing up. My fringe hours are 5AM to 9AM or so. I do work part time from home, and I write. And no matter what, if my writing never works out, or nobody reads my blog, or if I find that whatever else I do in those hours encroaches upon the quality of the life I am living with my family, then I have to stop. However, I do feel the call to write, and that brings me joy, so I do it! And if I can’t do it for a day because there are sick littles or too many poopy bottoms, I know there WILL be a time when I will be able to do it. Children don’t stay little forever.

    And OH do I make use of those other fringe hours too: I get a little R n R and watch a little stand-up comedy while folding laundry. I listen to podcasts in the car. My daughter asked me yesterday why we couldn’t listen to kids story podcasts in the car, and I had to tell her, “You know, you have a lot of free time at home when you get to listen to story podcasts. The car is mom’s time to listen to podcasts. But if you want to talk to me, we can push stop!” So–boundaries, self-care, etc. are so different for each of us. To me, self-care is getting a shower every other day, doing my 20-minute youtube workout every day, having a quiet time in the mornings, getting a latte now and then, having space to think and write (which is another reason we don’t run the children around to soccer and all kinds of activities, and why my house is NEVER dusted), and having my weekly writers mastermind meeting (virtual).

    The Essentialist knows there is a trade-off, that I can’t do everything. Usually people don’t like to talk about sacrifice. I think it’s become kind of a dirty word because there have been abuses, but there just IS is a sacrifice–or multiple sacrifices–built in to everything that you choose. For everything that you do choose, you are choosing to sacrifice a bunch of other things. But I already chose the One Thing a long time ago, so it doesn’t even really feel hard most of the time. Choose what’s most important, and GO FOR IT!

    Dang–I pretty much wrote a whole blog post here! 😉 Thanks, Jess!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, Wells!

      It’s wonderful to hear how you’ve found time for self care in your busy schedule as well. : )

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