TLS #257: What I Learned at a Joe Dispenza Workshop That is Guiding the Direction of TLS in 2018

Today on TLS, I’m sharing what I learned last weekend during the Progressive Workshop with Dr. Joe Dispenza! I’ve become a huge fan of Dr. Joe over the past year as I’ve traveled the world and seen many thought leaders share their ideas.

Over the past several months, I’ve come to believe that Dr. Joe will be making one of the largest marks on the world in the decades to come.

What separates Joe from the crowd of amazing speakers I’ve seen, is his scientific study and measuring of the brain scans of hundreds of individuals who actively apply the concepts of energy, and consciousness. And as a result of specific dedicated meditations, have healed themselves from everything from depression and anxiety, to cancer, rare genetic disorders, Parkinsons, glaucoma, and much more.

I also love that by going through the doors of neuroscience, Dr. Joe has also come into direct contact with the ‘mystical’ and ‘spiritual’ realms that are often ignored by “science” – purely because the scientists themselves have not applied these principles to also experience these results in their own lives.

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in the leading edge merging of science and spirituality, instantaneous healing, and for anyone curious about where TLS will be headed in 2018.







  • Jess discusses the reasons why she enjoys the teaching and information provided by Dr. Joe Dispenza and what it means to her in this season of her life.

  • She reviews the idea that the primitive way to create action or create the life you want, is to take physical action.

  • Jess mentions when you start applying the science to your meditations, you can end up having mystical or spiritual experiences.

  • One of her biggest “Ah Ha” moments from the workshop was his perspective on block removal, which was through visualization and meditation.




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