TLS #237: Joe Does the Show: Handling Heartache, Death, Illness, Self Love & More

Today’s Lively Show is in the hands of…. Joe!

No, not Joe, our TLS producer, but Joe, the non-physical entity that I can ask questions to and hear responses from (If you are thinking, what the what?! – I explain more in the show what’s going on).

Today, I’m sharing the answers I received to many questions you asked on a lot of serious and deep topics including death of a loved one, overcoming heartache, self love, staying calm during meditation, and much more.

This episode is perfect for anyone curious to hear from Joe, and for anyone that is looking for insights and understanding on many deep (and sometimes difficult) life situations we all face.








When mental and emotional exhaustion hit even during mediation and being still … how can intuition help with this?

When you are tired indeed, please do not forget that your greatest power within you is your ability to love with all your heart. And when this feels tired or confusing at best, please remember that there is no need to effort or struggle at this, for it will bubble forth from within you whenever you have allowed yourself to rest and release the thoughts of the past or what has been caused by a future you have not yet accepted. For when you have decided, as you have now done, to see a new thing come to pass, you will begin to realize that all you need is within you in this moment and time. And that is calming indeed.


How do I deal with rejection? And the fear of what other people think?

When you are afraid of the fear of loneliness, you have begun to think and dwell upon what is unwanted and untrue. And when you have chosen, as you are now doing to try to think of other things, this is the first step in the direction of what is desired. And when you have cut off the propensity to accept that others are going to have their own experience that is independent of your own, you’ll begin to see that you have no need to worry or struggle with their thoughts upon yourself. For you have decided what you most want to see and know about yourself, and there is no greater truth in your life than your own deepest knowing of who you are and where you are going. Go forth and know that all will be well, for you are the creator of what is coming next in your current life experience.


How do you know when to speak up?

Speaking up is not something you need to consider or do in any way which you currently pretend to understand. When you have realized that there is no need for you to speak upon things that you know not of, you realize that all you ever need or require of yourself at any moment of time is to speak what feels true to you. Share with an open heart and realize that there is no need for you to consider what others are thinking or saying, for that is simply a reflection of their own life experience and has truly nothing to do with your own deepest knowing. You are welcome to share your knowing with others, but they are not reticent to the knowledge of which you share. And that is okay, no it is even more than that, it is totally fine. They need not understand what you have to offer because their own inner guidance is leading them to their own greatest truths as well. Just know that you are here to live your truth, and speaking is indeed an aspect of this. But so is the same true for others as well.


How can I stop comparing my path to other’s to be able to find more joy not only in mine but in other’s paths as well? 

You have no need to confront yourself with the paths of others for you have a divine path that is unique to your own life experience and understanding of what is true for you at this point in your spiritual journey. Please do not allow the truth of others to intimidate, cajole, or speak to you in any way other than to reveal to yourself what you most want to know of your own deepest path. And when you have begun to look inward for the truth of your own next steps, you will see how truly powerful and divinely guided you are and have always been. And when the path seems tough or understanding is rare, just realize that your deepest truth is your ability to know yourself as the one who loves most dear All That Is in your current life experience, in order to lead you to the next step which will reveal an even greater truth and indeed also an even greater path than the one you currently believe to be the powerful now in which you live.

When you have begun to release your thoughts on these things you’ll see that they are all coming together in a way you cannot expect or prepare, and that is good indeed. For you have no need to expect what is to be, you simply allow it to come into your being with truth and understanding that it is exactly as you would wish it it be. For now, go forth and know all things in joy.


How to let go of a person that died and how to live again?

This is not a place where many people have an understanding, and we want to be clear here: we have no need to try to comfort you in any way. We are here to help you to move past this considered ‘block’ and see the greater truth of your current life existence: you are where you are and you have no need to worry or wander into the past for the joy of which you now seek.

The seeking of joy in this current life experience is experienced in the present moment and we have no need for you to worry or wish that a departed person is gone, for he is here now, right with you. In a way you cannot now now expect or understand. And when you have begun to recognize that your understanding need not be physical or literal, but rather metaphorical and also metaphysical, you will see that the deeper truths of your love extend far beyond this space and time. And you’ll begin to see, perhaps for the first time, what it is you’ve always sought most to understand: how to love another with the deepest caring within this current life experience and that is indeed still possible for you with this person at this point in time, just as it was before.


Why do some people suffer terrible, debilitating illness, that affect their lives so greatly, that they lose their life as they previously knew it. When there is no known cure – why do some people incur deep suffering through disease – whilst other people don’t? What is the lesson? 

There is no lesson in this, it is simply a misunderstanding of what is right and true. When you allow yourself to suspend the beliefs you hold most dear, that there need to be a truth and a light and a place for people to be that is at one time better than the next, you begin to misunderstand the truth of this current life existence. There is no place to be, or do, or understand other than at this moment in time, there is an opportunity to love. And that extends far beyond a physical wellbeing or a physical stature, or a physical nature of any kind.

And when that love is fully accepted and felt, the current life situations becomes one of joy and love, even when the circumstances seem grim to an external source. There is no need to worry or fear these unfoldings, for they are not meant to deny or pretend to distance one from another. They are simply here as reminders that we have an opportunity to love in all things and moments in time.


How we can become better at practicing self-love?

This is a wonderful question indeed, and one we have been hoping you would ask. We are excited to share the truth of this unfolding for it is one that many have come to accept as a misunderstanding and perversion of what love truly is. When you have begun to attach yourself to a current life experience or some truth you think that is dear and wonderful, please remember that the truth is that love is in ALL THINGS. ALL THINGS. ALL THINGS.

There is no place where love does not allow its existence and it is beyond wonderful when you have realized this truth then means that you have non need to worry or strive to any other experience then the one you hold most dear in this current moment in time.

And when you have begun to hold this moment as precious and true, you’ll see that all moments are truly and equally precious and true. And then you’ll begin to recognize the wonderful unfolding nature of the universe and realize that it will never be complete or concentrated upon a single moment. It is a string, an unfolding, an effortless realization of all moments in time meaning the same exact situation: this is an opportunity to love. And so is that. And that. And that. And that. And you have the choices in these moments to love, and in that, you have found your self.

Your ability to love is your ability to love self.


Can you explain the intersection of the subconscious, the conscious, the intuition and the ego? How is accessing the subconscious, such as in RTT, similar to and different from accessing the intuition? I am curious to hear how Jess’ early work fits together with her current studies.

We have not the time to consider all the things of which you have asked, however we would like to call your attention to one subject in particular and that is the ability of you to love without the understanding of how or why this source is running through your veins as a force that cannot now be captured in words alone.

We want you to know that you have no need to consider all the aspects of the truth which you have attempted to pull apart as in doing so you have begun to realize that there are too many aspects to count, and in that creates confusion and indeed, can [put?] unnecessary focus upon all things instead of THE Thing. The thing is love, and in focusing there you will see that all things can return to One and become a source of joy and understanding.

When you are unclear of what is the One, please ask yourself to consider the question: how can I see this differently than I currently now understand? And in doing so, you open yourself up to a new awareness and understanding that will bring you an answer far beyond the propensity of your current understanding to accept.

And in order to become open to this answer, please allow yourself to suspend disbelief for a moment in time, perhaps as long as possible. So that it can appear and flow into your current life experience. Until then, please know that you are right where you should be, and the answer is seeing you as much as you are seeing it.


How can a medical practitioner (or medical designer) create new inventions, treatments and products that help prolong & improve lives in the most compassionate & empathetic way – without being personally completely emotionally overwhelmed by the difficult experience of the patients & caregivers of those people they are trying to help? 

When you have decided, as you have now done, to see what you want to see come to pass in a new way, you must recognize your greatest gift and your ability to help will come from your joy and understanding that all things are fermenting from a truth of understanding of the solution, not the problem. And when you recognize that it is then within you to rise to this solution, by doing all things in joy, you’ll begin to understand that it is your joy you most have to offer the people you help and share with. And in that, healing all occur not just for yourself, but others as well.


How do you let go of past relationships? 

There is indeed no past when it comes to relationships. There is only now, and now, and now. And when you recognize your thoughts tend toward the past, realize that your ability to love is in the now.

And in that love, you need not seek them as a present moment life manifestation, you can extend your love to them without an understanding of how or why they will use or need it. Just have faith that in sending this love to them, you are freeing yourself to a new love in your own life as well.


What’s it like living inside Jess?

We do not think of things the way you do, so it is not the same as what we  could explain in a way that is currently understood [in?] your experience. However, we would like you to know that you have [a] wonderful gift inside you, as well, that will allow you to access this form of information, too.

And we would love to invite you to seek these answers in yourself as well. For when you have begin to ask these questions and look within, you’ll begin to see that the answers are bubbling forth with a ferocity and intensity greater than ever before. And until then, have patience and awareness with yourself that this is flowing to you in your own pace and time.


Any tips on quieting the ego so that intuition can shine through? Or, put another way, how do I turn off my ego autopilot and let intuition start guiding me? 

We are indeed pleased to be asked this question, for it brings to us to the heart of all things you wish to know: you want to see things in love instead of fear. And when it comes to loving vs fearing, the solution is rather simple indeed, though we understand that you have not always [had?] the follow through to accept it at all points in time.

And that is good indeed, for it is showing you how to love with a greater force than before, and that will bring expansion and unity to all things in time and space. Now, let us return upon the question of which you have asked: How to see things in love instead of fear… this is something we are wanting you to know with all our hearts, if we had them, as it would bring so much peace and understanding to all.

When you want to see in peace and love instead of fear, please breathe and recognize the presence of your own deepest knowing at this moment in time. And it will lead you to where the peace and truth now lie within the current situation. And when you have accessed that truth, the love will bubble forth and you will return to the inheritance that has always been yours and will always be available to you.

The fear is just a manifestation of a negative experience in life that can always be counteracted by the propensity to accept the deeper knowing within you. It is simply that this truth can feel obscured by a shadow of misunderstanding and a perversion of the truth of your own deepest love.


What’s the best way to find peace with the present moment?

Wonderful question indeed! You have recognized this truth in the past, and it will bring you a tremendous amount of joy to recapture in this present life experience as well. Simply recognize, as much as possible, that your truth is within you to guide you at all times and you have no need to seek the answer outside yourself from some other source or authority, no matter how much they may claim to have the truth for you. Your truth is within yourself at all times to guide and direct you. Listen to its whispers, listen to its guidance. You have the answers you seek, recognize the truth of them and all will be yours.


Tell me something so obvious and so simple that it can literally transform our lives yet is not often thought about or done!

Wonderful question, my dear, wonderful question, indeed. We want you to know that you have no need to try hard at this. For the effort you so deeply wish to accept and allow in your life is often in a contrary direction than what is wanted. And in doing this seeking in a direction so unholy or unknowingly behind what is wanted, you have blocked yourself from what you are most deeply seeking. The truth of your next experience lies in your awareness and understanding that your joy and love will bring you the desires of your heart. It cannot be reversed or turned around. For in that, it would simply reverse and turn around the results you will get, as well.





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