the lively show: behind the oh joy blog & brand with joy cho (oh joy!)


Happy Lively Show day!

Today I’ve got a special guest that I’ve wanted to have on the show ever since I started: Joy Cho of Oh Joy.

Joy is a graphic designer, blogger, product designer, author, mother (currently pregnant with her second child), wife, and she has a line at Target!

She is one busy lady.

Thankfully, I got the chance to talk with her about the things we don’t always get to see from reading her blog… the behind the scenes decisions, challenges, and hard-earned lessons that she’s faced over the last 10 years.

This show is perfect for bloggers, creatives, and those who want to learn more about how Joy manages so many personal and professional projects all at once.  








  • Why Joy’s Target collection is actually her second time designing for the store!

  • How Joy grew her blog and brand and why she never wanted to just be 100% a blogger or 100% a designer.

  • Why Joy chose to add contributors to her blog for a period of time and why she’s since gone back to writing from her point of view instead.

  • Joy explains what gestational diabetes is and what it’s been like to have it – along with what it has taught her so far. 

  • The biggest thing we may not know about Joy from reading her blog. 

  • The biggest pieces of advice Joy has for other aspiring creatives.

  • Whether the more established blog community is decreasing.

  • The hardest part about blogging for Joy.

  • How Joy worked to overcome the struggles when keeping all the balls in the air in her professional and personal life after becoming a mother. 

  • How Joy approaches her friendships locally and long distance.

  • What Joy would tell someone just starting out on this journey.




Joy’s Target Line

Blog, Inc.

Blog post about gestational diabetes 

Little Green Notebook post

Creature Comforts






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  1. Leanne Rae

    Hi Jess, thanks so much for this podcast, it was great to listen to!
    Always inspiring and learning!
    I wanted to suggest two prospective features for future podcasts: Emily Schuman and Maya Washington behind Cupcakes and Cashmere and Shameless Maya, respectively. Check them out! Thanks again!

    1. I’m glad you liked the show, Leanne Rae! And thank you so much for the suggestions for the show, too! I really appreciate that. : )

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