juggling work and passion

While discussing the blog and the business advice posts, one reader mentioned that her full-time job makes it difficult to find time to follow her passion (writing). At first, I didn’t think I shared the “work vs. passion” struggle. I work for myself and choose my hours. But as I invest more time and energy towards MakunderMyLife I am still responsible for running Jess LC, which has meant longer hours and less pay. It has created a transition in my life from jewelry designer to jewelry designer and blogger which has been anything but easy. Therefore, I realized we are really in the same boat, we both are looking for advice and encouragement to continue on this “work and passion” journey.

Today, I found a little video of sunshine (or a cold splash of water, however you want to look at it) for all of us trying to walk both lines. I first wrote about Vaynerchuk’s really long and awesome speech here over the weekend about his success. His video above is only 3 minutes long, but he pretty much sums up what it really takes to juggle both work and purpose for many people. Sure, it may not be an exciting shortcut or “secret sauce,” but I think it’s closer to reality than many of us I would like to think. So in that way it is also a high-five, a cheer to keep working, and moving forward.

One step at a time.

PS- I don’t think I could give up LOST.

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  1. @funsherpa

    I think it is important to separate passion from “easy”. I focus my energy on doing things I am passionate about – it is fun, fullfiling, and exciting. But not easy. So I admire your strength in doing what you are passionate about, even though it is not easy ūüôā

  2. pve design

    Often – I think we are living parallel lives. I just posted about an “easy chair” and you know there is not such a thing as it being easy, even if it is your passion. When you focus on what you want, and apply yourself, or work at it, things can and will happen.
    As one of seven and a father who built a family business that is still going strong – I am amazed at the energy it takes to fuel and feed a passion. I witnessed my Father working so hard to build his business, all for his family, his passion. So often the passion is what we feed, it could be our family or our true love.
    Thanks for the jolt. Sometimes we all need a little push or applause.

  3. CB

    Do people really work effectively on only 4-5 hours of sleep?! For 1-2 years straight? This part doesn’t sound as realistic to me unless you are able to go on auto-pilot at your day job.

    He’s enthusiastic, though, and I like that.

  4. Jess

    @ CB: I don’t know if they work effectively (I know I might be effective, but hardly cheerful). But I do think that the idea that to grow two things at once to a large scale does take a LOT more work than many are willing to admit. And yeah, he’s quite animated, I agree!

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